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EASP – European Association of Social Psychology

EJSP early career best Ms Award

Each year from 2003 onwards, the editorial team of the EJSP awards a prize to the best paper published in EJSP in the preceding year to have been first-authored by a researcher within three years of their doctoral degree.

Wiley as the publisher of the European Journal of Social Psychology, is sponsoring the Award financially.

2017: Christopher T. Begeny

Christopher T. Begeny & Yuen J. Huo (2017): When identity hurts: How positive intragroup experiences can yield negative mental health implications for ethnic and sexual minorities. European Journal of Social Psychology, 47, 7, 803-817,

Past EJSP early career best paper Awards

2016: Daniel R. Rovenpor

Daniel R. Rovenpor, Bernhard Leidner, Peter Kardos and Thomas C. O'Brien (2016). Meaning threat can promote peaceful, not only military-based approaches to intergroup conflict: The moderating role of ingroup glorification. European Journal of Social Psychology, 46, 544-562.

2015: Sandy Schumann

Schumann, S., & Klein, O. (2015). Substitute or stepping stone? Assessing the impact of low-threshold online collective actions on offline participation. European Journal of Social Psychology, 45, 308-322.

2014: Melvyn R.W. Hamstra

Hamstra, M.R.W., Van Yperen, N.W., Wisse, B., & Sassenberg K. (2014). On the perceived effectiveness of transformational-transactional leadership: The role of encourage strategies and followers’ regulatory focus. EJSP, 44, 643-656.


2014: Loes Meeussen

Meeussen, L., Schaafsma, J., & Phalet, K (2014). When values (do not) converge: Cultural diversity and value convergence in work groups. EJSP, 44, 521-528.

2013: Barbora Nevicka

Barbora Nevicka, Annebel H. B. De Hoogh, Annelies E. M. Van Vianen and Femke S. Ten Velden (2013). Uncertainty enhances the preference for narcissistic leaders, EJSP, 43(5) 370–380.

2012: Eliane M. Boucher

Eliane M. Boucher & Jill A. Jacobson (2012). Causal uncertainty during initial internations, EJSP, 42(5) 652-663.

2011: Lena Nadarevic

Lena Nadarevic & Edgar Erdfelder (2011). Cognitive Processes in Implicit Attitude Tasks: An Experimental Validation of the Trip Model, EJSP, 41(2) 254-268.

2010: Juliette Gatto

Juliette Gatto, Michaël Dambrun, Christian Kerbrat & Pierre de Oliveira (2010). Prejudice in the police: On the processes underlying the effects of selection and group socialisation, EJSP, 40(2) 252-269.

2009: Suzanne Oosterwijk

Suzanne Oosterwijk, Mark Rotteveel, Agneta H. Fischer & Ursula Hess (2009). Embodied emotion concepts: How generating words about pride and disappointment influences posture, EJSP, 39(3) 457-466.

2008: Monika Stelzl

Monika Stelzl, Leslie Janes & Clive Seligman (2008). Champ or chump: Strategic utilization of dual social identities of others, EJSP, 38(1) 128-138.

2007: Karen Gonsalkorale

Karen Gonsalkorale & Kipling D. Williams (2007). The KKK won't let me play: Ostracism even by a despised outgroup hurts, EJSP, 37(6) 1176-1186.

2006: Peter Fischer

Peter Fischer, Tobias Greitemeyer, Fabian Pollozek & Dieter Frey (2006). The unresponsive bystander: Are bystanders more responsive in dangerous emergencies?, EJSP, 36(2) 267-278.

2004: Eva Traut-Mattausch

Eva Traut-Mattausch, Stephan Schulz-Hardt, Tobias Greitemeyer & Dieter Frey (2005): Expectancy confirmation in spite of disconfirming evidence: The case of price increases due to the introduction of the Euro, EJSP, 34(6), 739-766.

2003: Bertram Gawronski

Bertram Gawronski (2003). Implicit bias in impression formation: Associations influence the construal of individuating information, EJSP, 33(5) 573-589.