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EASP Summer Schools

EASP Summer School 2016

The next EASP Summer School will take place in Exeter, Great Britain, in summer 2016. More information will be announced on this website in autumn 2015.

General information

The Summer School of the Association normally has now a 2-year cycle, and we attempt to ensure that this cycle also avoids clashing with the General Meetings. The Summer School is intended to provide graduate students in Europe with the opportunity to come together for a two-week period to receive instruction and supervision from senior social psychologists drawn from Europe and the rest of the world. It also provides graduate students with the chance to meet graduate students from other European countries. Since many of these students go on to become full-time academics, this means that it is possible for even junior academic staff to have an established network of contacts throughout Europe, drawn from fellow-participants in a Summer School.

Photo Summer School 2002


Tutors and participants

Because the Summer School takes a great deal of time, effort, and money to organise, any because graduate students are limited to participating in one Summer School, participants are selected on a competitive basis. A typical Summer School lasts for 2 weeks, and consists of 5 'workshop' groups of students, with about 12 students in each group. The groups are organised around research themes, and each group is supervised by a tutor whose own research specialisation falls within that theme. This tutor is usually assisted by a second person, who is often recruited from the university staff of institutions in the host country. Efforts are made by the Summer School organiser (who is appointed to this role by the Executive Committee) to achieve a balance of research themes, so that the discipline of social psychology is as far as possible covered. Normally no more than one current member of the Executive Committee acts as a tutor at summer schools, and the academic programme of the school is devised in consultation with the Executive Committee.


Summer school activities

The intention is that each of the 5 workshop groups receives specialist instruction in a particular research topic, and that on the basis of this instruction members of the group design one or more empirical studies that would address key theoretical questions. Given that the schools take place in the summer months, when the supply of potential research participants is limited, it is usually only possible for students to conduct pilot research during the Summer School. The summer school organiser may set aside some sources of support towards the later extension of the planned research at one or more of the participants' home universities.


Cooperation with other Societies (SPSP and SASP)

A relatively new development is, that the Summer School organizer keeps 5 of the approximately 60 potential Summer School places open for graduate students from North America/Canada (selected by SPSP) and 5 places for Australasian students (selected by the SASP). This is based on an agreement with SPSP and SASP which, in turn, allows European students to attend the SPSP Summer Schools (SISPP) and the summer school of SASP. The next SISPP is scheduled for summer 2015, the next SASP summer school will take place 2016.



History of EASP Summer Schools

Photo First Summer School 1967 1967 July 31-September 2, Leuven, Belgium (officially called "European Research Training Seminar in Experimental Social Psychology")

Dean: Jozef M. Nuttin, Jr
Associate Dean: Jos Jaspars
Staff: Harold B. Gerard (U.S.A.), Robert B. Zajonc (U.S.A.), Harold H. Kelley (U.S.A.), Philip Zimbardo (U.S.A.), Ragnar Rommetveit (Norway), Jaap Rabbie (The Netherlands)

1971 July 4 - 31, Konstanz, Germany

Dean: Rudolf Cohen
Staff: Wim Brinkman (Amsterdam), Colin Fraser (Bristol), Willem Doise (Paris), Jos Jaspars (Nijmegen), Claude Flament (Aix-en-Provence), Dik van Kreveld (Leiden)

1976 August 1-21, Oxford, England

Dean: Michael Argyle (Oxford)
Assistant Dean: Peter Collett
Staff: Donald Campbell (U.S.A.), Ragnar Rommetveit (Norway), Willem Doise (Switserland), Wolfgang Stroebe (Germany), Gerry Ginsberg (U.S.A.), Michael Argyle (United Kingdom)

Photo Summer School 1998
1981 July 12 - July 31, Aix-en-Provence, France
Organiser: Jean-Paul Codol

Jean-Paul Codol
Gene Burnstein
Jan-Claude Deschamps
Jacques-Philippe Leyens
Jos Jaspars

1986 Aug. 17 - Sep. 6, Bologna, Italy
Organiser: Augusto Palmonari

Gün Semin & Luciano Arcuri
Amelie Mummendey & James Tedeschi
Bernard Rimé & Pio Ricci-Bitti
Jean-Paul Codol & John Rijsman
Willem Doise & Bob McGuire

1989 July 30 - Aug. 20, Tilburg, The Netherlands
Organiser: John Rijsman

Sik Hung Ng & Jan Extra
Jop van der Pligt & Jef Syroit
Ad van Knippenberg & Richard de Ridder
Gabriel Mugny & Juan Antonio Perez
Janusz Grzelak & Matthijs Poppe
Norbert Schwarz & Nanne de Vries

1991 July 14 - July 28, San Sebastian, Spain
Organisers: Jacques-Philippe Leyens, Sabino Ayestaran

Klaus Fiedler, Gün Semin, José Valencia & Mari José Azurmendi
Tony Manstead, Bernard Rimé & Augustin Echebarria
Amélie Mummendey & Sabino Ayestaran
Susan Fiske & Mikel Villareal
Jacques-Philippe Leyens & Dario Paez

1994 July 25 - Aug. 8, Serock, Poland
Organisers: Maria Lewicka, Janusz Grzelak

Andrea Abele & Maria Lewicka
Michael Kuhlman & Janusz Gzrelak
Vincent Yzerbyt & Bogdan Wojciszke
Hermann Brandstätter & Andrzej Eliasz
Robert Folger & Tadeusz Tyszka

1998 Aug. 2. - Aug. 16, Leuven, Belgium Photo Summer School 2004
Organisers: Eddy Van Avermaet, Jacques-Philippe Leyens

Amélie Mummendey & Norbert Vanbeselaere
Paul van Lange & Herman Buelens
Fabio Lorenzi-Cioldi & Guido Peeters
Neil Macrae &Vincent Yzerbyt
Glenn Reeder & Benoît Dardenne

2000 July 2 - July 22, Clermont-Ferrand, France
Organisers: M. Brauer, J.-C. Croizet , S. Guimond, P. Huguet

Gerd Bohner & Patrick Chambres
Brenda Major & Jean-Claude Croizet
Constantine Sedikides & Pascal Huguet
Patricia Devine & Markus Brauer
Dominic Abrams & Serge Guimond

2002 Aug. 18. - Sep. 1, Marburg, Germany
Organisers: Uli Wagner, Rolf van Dick

Bas Verplanken & Tilmann Betsch
Viki Esses & Collette van Laar
Daan van Knippenberg & Jürgen Wegge
Dolf Zillmann & Jeanette Schmid
Felicia Pratto & Andreas Zick

2004 Aug. 1-15, Groningen, The Netherlands
Organisers: Diederik Stapel, Ernestine Gordijn, Sabine Otten

Ap Dijksterhuis & Henk Aarts
Bernd Wittenbrink & Olivier Corneille
Russell Spears & Sabine Otten
Nira Liberman & Marcel Zeelenberg
Brett Pelham & Diederik Stapel

2006 Aug. 20- Sep. 2, Padova, Italy
Organisers: Luciano Arcuri, Anne Maass, Andrea Carnaghi, Alberto Voci

Paula Niedenthal & Vanda Zammuner
Jolanda Jetten & Stefano Boca
Gun Semin & Anne Maass
Arie Kruglanski & Lucia Mannetti
Danïel Wigboldus & Jeroen Vaes

2008 Aug. 17-31, Cardiff, UK
Organiser: Russell Spears

Greg Maio & Geoff Haddock
Peter Hegarty, Thomas Morton & Michelle Ryan
Thomas Kessler & Stéphanie Demoulin
Aiden Gregg & Claire Hart
Luigi Castelli & Wilhelm Hofmann

2010 Aug. 23- September 6, Aegina, Greece
Organiser: Xenia Chryssochoou

Bertram Gawronski & Rainer Banse
Fabrizio Butera, Antonis Gardikiotis & Makis Prodromitis
Daniel Bar Tal & Karen Trew
Christian Staerklé & Xenia Chryssochoou
Nyla Branscombe, Machos Iatridis & Kate Reynolds

2012 Aug. 6-19, Limerick, Ireland
Organiser: Anca Minescu

Alex Haslam & Stephen Gallagher
Colin Wayne Leach & Patricia M. Rodriguez Mosquera
Karen Phalet & Anca Minescu
John Dixon, Kevin Durrheim & Orla Muldoon
Leonard L. Martin & Eric R. Igou

2014 Aug. 17-30, Lisbon, Portugal
Organisers: Margarida Garrido & Rui Costa-Lopes

Gün Semin & Margarida Garrido
Daniël Wigboldus & Rui Costa-Lopes
Michael Hogg & José Marques
Robbie Sutton & Hélder Alves
Klaus Fiedler & Leonel Garcia-Marques


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