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EASP – European Association of Social Psychology

Small/Medium Size Meetings

Up to 7 Small/Medium Size Meetings per year organised by members of the EASP are sponsored by the EASP.


The Executive Committee uses the following criteria to decide whether or not to support small/medium size meetings:

  • The meeting should be attractive to members of the Association (such that Association funds are being used for the benefit of its members). This is why at least 50 % of those persons attending small group or medium size meetings sponsored by the Association should be members of the Association. We also place great value on the full inclusion of PhD students, who should be allowed to participate actively in the meeting.
  • There should be sufficient time before the meetings for their existence to be advertised to the membership through the pages of the Bulletin (thereby allowing members to submit abstracts, apply for travel money, etc.). This is why there are strict deadlines for applying for financial support for small group and medium size meetings (see below).
  • The meetings should not, in principle, be part of a continuing series, each of which requires support from the Association (to avoid the annual budget for supporting meetings being committed in advance, and thereby leaving no scope for supporting new activities). The Executive Committee recognises that this criterion could undermine attempts to establish networks of researchers drawn from different European countries, and will therefore try to exercise discretion in applying this criterion. However, applicants who are planning a small or medium size meeting that is part of an ongoing series should not assume that because one of the previous meetings in that series received financial support, any future meeting in the same series will also be supported.

Support for Small/Medium Size Meetings

  • The amount of financial support is a maximum of 8.000 EUR per meeting.
  • At least 50 % of the participants at the meeting are members of the Association.
  • The meeting should include a minimum of 20 participants (there is no maximum number).
  • There will normally be 7 such meetings per year supported financially by the Association.

1991 Small Meeting Leuven
1991 Small Meeting Leuven


General requirements

Each application should specify:

  1. the topic of the proposed meeting, together with a brief account of why this forms a suitable topic for such a meeting and a justification of sufficient interest from EASP members for this topic;
  2. the precise dates and location of the proposed meeting;
  3. a detailed budget, including both the costs involved in the meeting and other sources of income apart from the Association. There should also be an indication of how much participants would have to pay for registration, accommodation, and food. Budgets should not include travel expenses. EASP members attending the meeting may apply for travel EASP grants.
  4. a draft announcement of the meeting, ready for publication in the Bulletin and for distribution through the EASP mailserve.

A meeting application form can be downloaded (Icon Word Word 25KB. Please send your application as attached Word- or Pdf-file(s).


In order to facilitate the Association's financial planning and to give adequate time in which to publicise meetings, the Executive Committee considers applications relating to meetings to be held in the first half of a calendar year at its Spring (normally April) meeting in the preceding year; applications relating to meetings to be held in the second half of a calendar year will be considered at its Fall (normally October) meeting in the preceding year. Members are asked to submit applications by March 15 for the Spring Meeting and by September 15 for the Fall meeting.

Upon being successful in applying

Successful applicants will be asked to provide a formal announcement for publication in the EASP Bulletin/on the EASP website. Organisers will receive 50% of the support in advance. Within one month after the meeting, organisers are required to provide one or more photos from the meeting, a brief scientific report, the abstracts of the meeting, an overview of the participants, and a financial statement accounting for expenditure. The remaining 50% of the support will be paid to the organisers if the reports prove that the organisers have in fact met all the conditions for support as laid down in the EASP rules.