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EASP – European Association of Social Psychology

EASP Meeting: Gender Roles in the Future? Theoretical Foundations and Future Research Directions

08.12.2016, by Sibylle Classen in call for papers

Free University of Berlin, Germany, June 24-27, 2017
Deadline for Applications: February 28, 2017


Meeting organizers: Sabine Sczesny (University of Bern, Switzerland) & Wendy Wood (University of Southern California, USA)
Keynote Speaker: Alice H. Eagly


The study of gender is deservedly a major focus of research in the field of psychology broadly, as well as social psychology in particular. In 1987, Alice Eagly formulated Social Role Theory to explain gender differences in social behavior and perception. This theory became one of the pre-eminent, if not the central, theory of gender in social psychology.

Over the last decade, a variety of new approaches to understanding gender differences have been developed, including gender stereotype threat, precarious manhood theory, and the steroid/peptide theory of social bonds. The ongoing interest in gender corresponds with the increasing recognition of the centrality of gender to the understanding of social behavior. The next step in gender research will be to integrate social role theory and more recent approaches to provide an extended theoretical foundation for gender research in the future.

The field is poised to develop an analysis of gender roles that builds on the integration of existing theories in new, innovative ways. The EASP small group meeting is designed to inspire the next generation of research addressing gender roles. It promises to have far-reaching impact in spurring young social psychologists studying gender to integrate across multiple levels of analysis in their theories and to incorporate scholarship from across disciplines (e.g. personality psychology, developmental psychology, educational psychology).

The meeting is scheduled for 3 days, with an opening key note lecture on gender roles by Alice H. Eagly in the afternoon after arrival (Saturday). The participants will either give 45-minute talks (12 speakers over 2 days) or will present posters (in two interactive poster sessions, one per day). The schedule is sufficiently leisurely to conclude each day with an integrative discussion and plan for future collaborations among participants. The meeting will end with a dinner that includes all contributors, including local and traveling participants (Monday).

We invite Ph.D. students, post-doctoral, junior, and senior researchers to apply to participate in this EASP Small Group Meeting. Faculty participants at the meeting will each pay a 150 Euros registration fee, and students will pay 50 Euros.

Deadline for applications: February 28, 2017. All applications should include the applicant’s current affiliation and position, whether they are member of the EASP as well as a 500-word abstract of any proposed presentation. Applications should be sent to Sabine Sczesny.

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