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14.02.2017, by Sibylle Classen in call for papers

Please submit proposals until February 28, 2017

After publishing two very successful special issues on methodology in 2016, the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology has taken a hiatus on special issues in 2017. However, we are now accepting proposals for an open-call, peer-reviewed Special Issue (10-16 articles) or Special Section (4-8 articles) to be published in late 2018. Interested Guest Editors are invited to submit proposals up to February 28, 2017. Depending on the topic, requested articles can be theoretical, methodological, integrative, report original empirical findings, or a mixture of these.

Proposals will be reviewed by the Editors of the journal and a decision made by mid-March to accept one SpecialIssue, or one or more Special Sections. We would expect the call for articles to go out shortly thereafter, with a deadline no later than September 2017, and the review process to be complete no later than March 2018.

Your proposal, sent to with the message heading “JESP SI 2018,” should include:

  • Title of issue/section
  • Names, affiliations and email addresses of up to 3 Guest Editor(s) who have agreed to handle editorial decisions and invite peer review within the above time scale
  • 2-3 sentences about research background and any existing editorial expertise, for each Guest Editor
  • Explanation of the aims, interest value, and relevance of the topic (maximum 500 words)
  • List of potential contributors who are known to have relevant research programs or unpublished work, mentioning any specific expressions of interest collected from them already
  • Anticipated timetable of these events: 1. deadlines for opening and closing dates of the call, 2. assignment of manuscripts to editors and then 3. to reviewers, 4. initial decisions, 5. revisions received (normally only time for 1-2 rounds, and major revisions involving lengthy data collection should not be encouraged), 6. final draft submission
  • A Special Issue or Section can have a short introductory editorial written by the Guest Editors. The call for other articles must be open, and will be publicized through professional society mailing lists and social media. Guest Editors who wish to author or co-author an article in their own Special Issue/Section will have an external Special Editor selected for that article by the Editor-in-Chief.

We expect that similar quality standards for empirical articles will be held as for regular JESP articles, and that theory and method pieces will be of a likewise high quality. For more information see https://www-journals-elsevier-com/journal-of-experimental-social-psychology.

On behalf of the editorial team I am hoping to see many interesting submissions!

Best wishes,
Roger Giner-Sorolla