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EASP – European Association of Social Psychology

European Bulletin of Social Psychology

The EASP has its own newsletter, until the late eighties simply called Newsletter. From March 1989 on, the official title of the Newsletter became European Bulletin of Social Psychology. Each Bulletin issue is numbered by year, volume and issue. The ISSN number is: ISSN 1563-1001.

The purpose of the Bulletin is to circulate information in the Association and to stimulate exchange and communication among its members. Besides offering official information and the announcement of coming events, the Bulletin provides information about members' work (e.g., recent publications), and occasionally publishes informal articles and provides a channel of communication between all members.

Until mid of 2010 (EBSP, 22,1) the Bulletin was sent as A5 booklet to the membership, from December 2010 onwards (EBSP 22,2), the Bulletin is only available on this website.

Cover Bulletin 2004
Cover Bulletin 2004

Past issues (2000–May 2015)


For the period of 2014-2017 the editors of the EBSP are Jean-Claude Croizet and Sibylle Classen.

Procedure for submissions


All contributions should be submitted in A5-page format (preferably electronically as attached Word or RTF-File) or as file on disk (PC-formatted) to the Executive Officer. Please provide your address for correspondence, along with telephone, fax and e-mail.


Contributions should be formatted generally in line with the layout of the Bulletin. Paragraphs should be indicated by an extra line space. Titles should be 12 point, lower case with capitals. The text should be in 10 point. First level headings should be in capital letters and centred. Second level headings should be in bold lower case with capitals and centred. Third level headings should be in bold lower case with capitals at the left margin. Captions for tables and figures should be bold lower case with capitals and centred. Footnotes should be in 8 point and should appear on the same page as the note number in the text.


Illustrations, figures, and tables should be included in the text body.

Reference Style

References should be quoted in the text as name and year within brackets and listed at the end of the paper alphabetically in the following way:

  • Author's Name, A.B. (1957). Title. In C.D. Name & E. Name (Eds.), Title (pp. 1-6). Town: Publisher.
  • Author's Name, F.G., & Name, H.I. (1996). Title. In J.K. Name (Ed.), Title. Town: Publisher.
  • Author's Name, L.M., Name, O.P., & Name, Q. (1998). Title. Journal Title, 75, 111-222. [The journal volume number should be in bold or italics]


If you submit an article for publication in the European Bulletin of Social Psychology, please include with your cover letter a statement of copyright transfer, as follows: "I assign to the EASP all copyright in and to the contribution. Reproduction, posting, transmission or other distribution or use requires a citation, suitable in form and content as follows: Title of article, author, European Bulletin of Social Psychology, volume, and issue."