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Upcoming Meetings

November 2015, Leuven, Belgium
SPSSI-EASP Joint Meeting: Time are a-Changing but Men’s Roles are Slow to Change: Developing a Research Agenda on the Underrepresentation of men in Communal Roles
Contact: Toni Schmader (tschmader@psych.ubc.ca) or Colette van Laar (colette.vanlaar@ppw.kuleuven.be)
Organizers: Toni Schmader and Colette van Laar

Over the past two decades, research has investigated the problem of gender inequality by examining factors that prevent women from entering and excelling in traditionally masculine domains. But as women’s interest and inclusion in more agentic roles has been increasing over time, men’s interest in communal roles and identification with communal traits has remained relatively more static (Twenge, Campbell, & Gentile, 2012; Twenge, 1997, 2009; England, 2010; 2011). Although the underrepresentation of women in science and leadership has generated a rich body of research, psychological research has been slower to systematically focus on the underrepresentation of men in communal roles and careers such as nursing and teaching, and as caregiver to their own children.

This small group conference aims to create a forum for developing emerging research on men in counter-stereotypic and communal roles. By bringing together a diverse group of scholars with interest in the topic we aim to invigorate scientific collaborations and boost research on this far-reaching social issue. The ultimate goal is not only to share diverse scholarly perspectives on the issue but also lay the groundwork for grant proposals promoting more focused laboratory and cross-national work on the topic of the asymmetry of changing gender roles. As part of the meeting, funding experts will be present to discuss funding possibilities as part of Horizon 2020 - the biggest EU Research and Innovation Grant program tackling societal challenges.

The meeting will take place in November 2015 in the historic city of Leuven in Belgium, home to the University of Leuven since 1425. We are hoping to create a gender-balanced and diverse conference with senior, junior, and graduate student participants from both Europe and North America.

If you are interested in attending this meeting, please contact Toni Schmader (tschmader@psych.ubc.ca) or Colette van Laar (colette.vanlaar@ppw.kuleuven.be) by March 15 th 2015.


April 15-16, 2016, Cologne, Germany
EASP Small Group Meeting on Promoting a Social Approach to Emotions
Contact: Jens Lange, jens.lange@uni-koeln.de
Organizers: Jens Lange, Jan Crusius, & Gerben van Kleef

Emotions are inherently social in how they are elicited, communicated and regulated. Many emotions are so quintessentially social that their mere existence depends on other people. And they can be provoked on the group level, driving collective action. Moreover, emotions can be felt vicariously, they can be contagious, or intentionally mimicked and some people can infer them easily or manipulate them to reach their own goals. Emotions are so inherently social, that even the distinct emotion labels might constitute socially constructed categories shared during socialization. Such a social approach, however, still awaits more theoretical and empirical scrutiny.

With this meeting we aim to bring together researchers from different areas of research who share a social approach to emotions, to allow for theoretical and empirical integration.
We encourage doctoral students and senior researchers to send submissions in the format of either a presentation (30 minutes including discussion), a blitz talk (5 minutes including discussion), or a poster. It is also possible to give a blitz talk and additionally present a poster. Furthermore, we want to provide doctoral students with the opportunity to meet senior researchers individually if the respective senior researcher is willing to do that. The meeting will host around 30 participants. Decisions will be based on thematic fit. It will take place in Cologne, April 15 to 16, 2016. No fees for participation will be charged.

If you are interested, please send your submission via mail to Jens Lange (jens.lange@uni-koeln.de) including an abstract (max. 250 words) and an indication of your preferred contribution. For senior researchers, please also indicate whether you would be available for individual meetings with doctoral students. Submission deadline is Oct 31, 2015.


May 10-11, 2016, Brighton, UK
EASP Small Group Meeting on New directions in the social psychology of solidarity
Contact: j.drury@sussex.ac.uk, rgonzale@uc.cl, clifford.stevenson@qub.ac.uk, Hanna.Zagefka@rhul.ac.uk, n.p.hopkins@dundee.ac.uk
Organizers: John Drury, Roberto González, Nick Hopkins, Clifford Stevenson and Hanna Zagefka

Solidarity is fundamental in informal social interaction, social organization, social institutions and social change. But while research has shown the importance of forms of solidarity across a range of topics, solidarity itself has rarely been a focus. The aim of this meeting is to discuss and analyse the different usages of ‘solidarity’ in contemporary social psychology and by doing so achieve some conceptual clarification and research agenda-setting.

The phenomenon of solidarity generates a large number of interesting empirical questions, some of which we expect contributions to this small group meeting to address. These include the following: Does solidarity between groups differ from that within a group? What are the points of similarity and difference between solidarity and prosocial behaviour? What is the relation between solidarity, politics and empowerment? How does solidarity create a sense of community and vice versa? Is solidarity in small groups different from solidarity with more abstract social categories and ‘imagined communities’?

An expected outcome of the meeting will be the specification of research questions which would serve to delineate the necessary social psychological conditions and elements that are implied when we talk of ‘solidarity’.

To apply for this meeting, send us the title and abstract (max. 250 words) of your application by January, 10, 2016, indicating whether you are a member of EASP. The meeting will take place in Brighton near the University of Sussex, UK.

Registration fee for faculty members will be €277 and for PhD students €119, covering accommodation (two nights), most meals, and other conference-related expenses. We will reserve five places for PhD students.


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