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EASP – European Association of Social Psychology

Small Group Meeting: New directions in the social psychology of solidarity

Tuesday, 10.05.2016 til Wednesday, 11.05.2016
Brighton, UK

Organisers: John Drury, Roberto González, Nick Hopkins, Clifford Stevenson and Hanna Zagefka

Solidarity is fundamental in informal social interaction, social organization, social institutions and social change. But while research has shown the importance of forms of solidarity across a range of topics, solidarity itself has rarely been a focus. The aim of this meeting is to discuss and analyse the different usages of ‘solidarity’ in contemporary social psychology and by doing so achieve some conceptual clarification and research agenda-setting.

The phenomenon of solidarity generates a large number of interesting empirical questions, some of which we expect contributions to this small group meeting to address. These include the following: Does solidarity between groups differ from that within a group? What are the points of similarity and difference between solidarity and prosocial behaviour? What is the relation between solidarity, politics and empowerment? How does solidarity create a sense of community and vice versa? Is solidarity in small groups different from solidarity with more abstract social categories and ‘imagined communities’?

An expected outcome of the meeting will be the specification of research questions which would serve to delineate the necessary social psychological conditions and elements that are implied when we talk of ‘solidarity’.