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EASP – European Association of Social Psychology

Small Group Meeting: Promoting a Social Approach to Emotions

Friday, 15.04.2016 til Saturday, 16.04.2016
Cologne, Germany

Contact: Jens Lange,
Organisers: Jens Lange, Jan Crusius, & Gerben van Kleef

Emotions are inherently social in how they are elicited, communicated and regulated. Many emotions are so quintessentially social that their mere existence depends on other people. And they can be provoked on the group level, driving collective action. Moreover, emotions can be felt vicariously, they can be contagious, or intentionally mimicked and some people can infer them easily or manipulate them to reach their own goals. Emotions are so inherently social, that even the distinct emotion labels might constitute socially constructed categories shared during socialization. Such a social approach, however, still awaits more theoretical and empirical scrutiny.

With this meeting we aim to bring together researchers from different areas of research who share a social approach to emotions, to allow for theoretical and empirical integration.
We encourage doctoral students and senior researchers to send submissions in the format of either a presentation (30 minutes including discussion), a blitz talk (5 minutes including discussion), or a poster. It is also possible to give a blitz talk and additionally present a poster. Furthermore, we want to provide doctoral students with the opportunity to meet senior researchers individually if the respective senior researcher is willing to do that. The meeting will host around 30 participants. Decisions will be based on thematic fit. It will take place in Cologne, April 15 to 16, 2016. No fees for participation will be charged.