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EASP – European Association of Social Psychology

SPSSI-EASP Joint Meeting: Time are a-Changing but Men’s Roles are Slow to Change: Developing a Research Agenda on the Underrepresentation of men in Communal Roles

Sunday, 01.11.2015

Contact: Toni Schmader ( or Colette van Laar (
Organisers: Toni Schmader and Colette van Laar

Over the past two decades, research has investigated the problem of gender inequality by examining factors that prevent women from entering and excelling in traditionally masculine domains. But as women’s interest and inclusion in more agentic roles has been increasing over time, men’s interest in communal roles and identification with communal traits has remained relatively more static (Twenge, Campbell, & Gentile, 2012; Twenge, 1997, 2009; England, 2010; 2011). Although the underrepresentation of women in science and leadership has generated a rich body of research, psychological research has been slower to systematically focus on the underrepresentation of men in communal roles and careers such as nursing and teaching, and as caregiver to their own children.

This small group conference aims to create a forum for developing emerging research on men in counter-stereotypic and communal roles. By bringing together a diverse group of scholars with interest in the topic we aim to invigorate scientific collaborations and boost research on this far-reaching social issue. The ultimate goal is not only to share diverse scholarly perspectives on the issue but also lay the groundwork for grant proposals promoting more focused laboratory and cross-national work on the topic of the asymmetry of changing gender roles. As part of the meeting, funding experts will be present to discuss funding possibilities as part of Horizon 2020 - the biggest EU Research and Innovation Grant program tackling societal challenges.

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