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EASP – European Association of Social Psychology


European Social Psychology Meet-Up

The Corona pandemic has drastically cut feedback and networking opportunities for junior scholars. Yet, novel online meeting format also open up opportunities. EASP is calling all its members to support scientific exchange by making online colloquium talks available for junior scholars (PhDs, PostDocs and untenured faculty) from other labs and institutions. This is about common goods and being there for each other, scientifically. Junior scholars can ask for a colloquium invitation to lab of a researcher they always wanted to get feedback from. It is sort of a picking our dream audience.

The Executive Committee of the EASP acts as a broker: We will reach out to colleagues and ask for 45 minutes of their time (30 min. presentation and 15 min. discussion) and a small audience from their labs.


Eligible are PhD students, PostDocs and junior untenured staff with an EASP (postgraduate) membership.


  • Applicants need to send in an abstract of their talk: Title, abstract of 300 words maximum (structured in Background, Methods, Results, Discussion).
  • The abstract has to include gathered and analyzed data of at least one study.
  • Applicants should list 3 preferred labs they would like to present their research to (Name and email of EASP researcher)

Please submit your abstract (as a PDF) in an email (Subject line: EASP meet up) to until May 31st, 2021. List your 3 preferred labs in the body of the email (include the name and email of the EASP researcher). We aim at scheduling the online talks before the summer break.