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EASP – European Association of Social Psychology

Seedcorn Research Grants

For full members and EASP Summer School attendees


The aim of the 'seedcorn' research grants is to assist researchers in developing new research projects. In particular, ‘seedcorn’ grants are intended to support preliminary research which may assist the holder to subsequently obtain larger scale funding from other sources (for full members). In addition, the seedcorn grant may also be used for supporting research that was designed at EASP Summer Schools (in this case, applicants should be a group of Summer School participants).


  • Seedcorn grants are restricted to full members of the Association, with the exception that former EASP Summer School groups may also apply for this grant. In the case of Summer School groups, at least one needs to be a EASP member. For reasons of intellectual property, all respective group members of Summer Schools need to be aware of the application and agree with it (even if they do not want to be actively involved).
  • Any member may be awarded a maximum of one seedcorn grant within a period of 5 years (not including Post-Summer School seedcorn grants).


  • Scientific merit of proposal. Enough detail should be provided to allow an evaluation of the appropriateness of the theoretical rationale, the soundness of the proposed methods, and the feasibility of the project.
  • Academic need and academic benefit: Postdoctoral students from countries/departments which have only limited access to research funds are especially encouraged to apply.


The maximum grant awarded to any one individual will typically not exceed 3000 Euro and will typically be used to compensate participants, purchase consumables or other equipment, and travel costs, where needed.

Deadlines and Application Procedure

Deadlines for seedcorn grants are: February 28th, June 30th and October 31st. The application must be received three months before the intended start of the research. Please download and complete the attached PDF form and send it to

Additional Requirements

Please see the above application form for a list of requirements. Relevant photo(s) would be appreciated. The report and any photo(s) provided by the applicant will be published on the EASP website, and mentioned in the next EBSP issue.