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EASP – European Association of Social Psychology

2 Associate Professor Positions in Cultural and Community Psychology

04.06.2019, by Tina Keil

University of Oslo, Norway
Application deadline: June 25th, 2019

Logo: University of Oslo
Logo: University of Oslo

Job description

Two permanent positions as Associate Professor (SKO 1011) in Cultural and Community Psychology are available at the Department of Psychology / University of Oslo. Cultural psychology concerns the study of how the human mind and culture constitute each other, and hence, how human behavior is embedded in, and shapes, socio-cultural environments, attitudes and behavior. Community psychology concerns the relationship between individuals and their communities and societies, focusing on social, cultural, political, environmental and international influences, and salient societal issues.

The positions require an innovative, active and strong research profile with excellent documented potential for performing high quality research. Topics of relevance involve the study of psychological phenomena related to globalization and migration, identity, intercultural relations, prejudice and discrimination, language and discourses, well-being, social inequality, political attitudes including the study of protest and extremism, power and ideology, therapeutic cultures and environmental issues. The applicant should have research expertise in one, or preferably, several of these topics.

One of the positions requires expertise in qualitative methods, the other in quantitative methods, Yet, both positions value mixed methods experience.

How to apply

Position 1 (qualitative, mixed methods):

Position 2 (quantitative, mixed methods):

If relevant, applying to both positions at the same time is possible.