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PhD position in Social Psychology

04.05.2021, by Tina Keil

University of Bologna, Italy
Application deadline: May 21st, 2021

University of Bologna
University of Bologna

The Department of Psychology, Alma Mater University of Bologna, offers a 3 years scholarship for a PhD position in Social Psychology. The position starts on November 1, 2021 for a period of 36 months.

Topic of the PhD position

The role of gender stereotypes in perpetuating gender inequality

Gender stereotypes are stable over time and revolve around the idea that men are more competent and agentic than women, who in turn are more communal. These shared views may have dramatic consequences in preventing women from having the same job opportunities as men. Recent studies show that gender inequalities can be supported by higher and wider expectancies toward women than men in different life domains such as the work domain and the family context. The project aims to advance knowledge on gender stereotypes by addressing processes and factors that can help understand how gender inequalities are maintained, through quantitative and implicit measures.

Criteria for eligibility

  • Master degree in psychology
  • Submission of a pluriannual research project on the topic of the project
  • Mastery of English
  • Two recommendation letters
  • Motivational statement
  • Publications (if held by the applicant)
  • Interview on the topic of interest

For further details and application please visit:

For information relating to the research project please contact Monica Rubini,