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EASP – European Association of Social Psychology

News from the Journals

25.07.2017, by Jean-Claude Croizet

Daniël Wigboldus reported in Granada on the situation of the EASP Journals

European Journal of Social Psychology

Editors: Radmila Prislin &Vivian Vignoles

Associate Editors: Gerd Bohner, Ángel Gómez Jiménez, Denis Hilton, Thomas Kessler, François Ric, Clifford Stevenson, Ayşe K. Üskül, Eva Walther, Oliver Christ, Eva G. T. Green, Vera Hoorens, Małgorzata Kossowska, Lilach Sagiv, Nicole Tausch, Martijn van Zomeren

EJSP is published by Wiley. The publication of the journal issues has been delayed in the last 6-8 months, due to production quality control problems. Together with the publisher, we are working hard to resolve these problems.

Otherwise the journal is doing well. Its impact factor is 1.973. 34% of the submissions are desk rejections and 24% are accepted for publication. In January 2018 a new team of chief-editors will take over: Joanne Smith, Roland Imhoff, and Martijn van Zomeren (see also above).

European Review of Social Psychology

Editors: Miles Hewstone & Tony Manstead

ERSP is published by Taylor & Francis. Its impact factor is 1.389.

Last and this year major changes to the editorial board were implemented to increase its diversity. Both editors will step down at the end of calendar year 2018, when two new editors will be appointed for a period of 4 years.

The Editors welcome submissions and invite initial enquiries about the relevance of submission accompanied by a short outline!

Social Psychology and Personality Science

Editor: Simine Vazire

Associate Editors: Wiebke Bleidorn, Joseph Cesario, Jesse Graham, Elizabeth Levy Paluck, Dominique Muller, Nickola C. Overall, Kate A. Ratliff, Joseph P. Simmons, Gerben A. van Kleef, Gregory D. Webster

SPPS is published by Sage and sponsored by SPSP, SESP, ARP, and EASP. The editorial term of Simine Vazire ends mid 2018.

The journal has an impact factor of 1.883. 40% of the submissions are desk rejected and 20% accepted.


Comprehensive Results in Social Psychology

Editors: Kai Jonas & Joseph Cesario

CRSP is published by Taylor & Francis and co-sponsored by SASP.

It is devoted to publishing social psychological research using the registered report format where a plan for the research is submitted for initial review.

The journal receives a constant flow of submissions and is able to fill issues until 2018. The first two issues (2016/1 and 2017/1) have already been published.

To increase the visibility of CRSP it would help, if you would ask your university library to hold CRSP!


European Monographs of Social Psychology

This book series published by Psychology Press has been edited by Rupert Brown for 25 years. Batja Mesquita and Vincent Yzerbyt are serving as new editors of the European Monographs.

The most recent titles are:
Judging Passions (Roger Giner-Sorolla, 2015)
The Psychology of Human Values (Gregory Maio, 2016)
Morality and the Regulation of Social Behavior (Naomi Ellemers, 2017)