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EASP – European Association of Social Psychology

The Psychology of Extremism Preconference

05.11.2020, by Tina Keil in call for papers

Online, prior to the SPSP Annual Meeting
Submission deadline: November 15th, 2020

Logo: SPSP
Logo: SPSP

Despite the current circumstances, we are pleased to announce the first conference on The Psychology of Extremism. The conference will take place before the SPSP Annual Meeting on Wednesday, February 10th, 2021 and will be held online.

This idea of the preconference is to bring together researchers that study various forms of extreme behavior in order to explore the psychological and biological commonalities they share. We invite submissions for data blitz poster presentations which address topics in the broad field of extreme behaviors including (but not limited to) violent and political extremism, extreme diets, extreme sports, extreme love, extreme humanism, extreme groups, addictions, and obsessions. All levels and analysis (behavioral, neuro, genetic, cognitive) are invited and encouraged. We are seeking to represent the widest possible variety of approaches to the topic.

The deadline for submissions is November 15th, 2020. Details about the conference and submissions can be found at the SPSP website:

The list of invited speakers includes:

  • Roy Baumeister (University of Queensland)
  • Richard Petty (The Ohio State University)
  • Bill von Hippel (University of Queensland)
  • Nathan de Wall (University of Kentucky)
  • William Fleeson (Wake Forest University)
  • John Levine (University of Pittsburgh)
  • Katarzyna Jasko (Jagiellonian University)
  • Dov Cohen (University of Illinois)
  • Arie Kruglanski (University of Maryland)

If you have any questions, you can contact Ewa Szumowska ( or Erica Molinario (

We very much look forward to seeing you at the meeting.

Organizing Committee:
Arie Kruglanski,
Ewa Szumowska,
Erica Molinario