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EASP – European Association of Social Psychology

Awards Announcement

25.06.2020, by Tina Keil in announcement

Winners of the 2020/21 EASP Awards and joint EAPP/EASP Award

Award winners
Award winners

Although this year's EASP General Meeting has been postponed to 2021 and with it the award ceremony, we would like to announce this year's award winners. We look forward to honouring all of them during the Award Ceremony at the 2021 General Meeting.

EASP Early-Career Award

The following young scholars will be honoured for their outstanding research contributions:

Jim Everett (University of Kent)

Jim Everett

Jens Lange (University of Hamburg)

Jens Lange

Eftychia Stamkou (University of Amsterdam)

Eftychia Stamkou

Selection Committee Members:
Monica Rubini (Chair), Andrea Carnaghi, Wilhelm Hofmann, & Olivier Klein

EASP Mid-Career Award

Greg Maio (University of Bath)

Greg Maio

Michelle Ryan (University of Exeter)

Michelle Ryan

Gerben Van Kleef (University of Amsterdam)

Gerben Van Kleef

Selection Committee Members:
Kai Sassenberg (Chair), Fabrizio Butera, Ana Guinote, Neil Macrae, & Michaela Wänke

EASP Theory-Innovation Award

Toni Schmader (University of British Columbia) and
Constantine Sedikides (University of Southampton)

for the article: Schmader, T., & Sedikides, C. (2018). State authenticity as fit to environment: The implications of social identity for fit, authenticity, and self-segregation. Personality and Social Psychology Review, 22(3), 228-259.

Toni Schmader

Constantine Sedikides

Selection Committee Members:
Malgorzata Kossowska (Chair), Andrea Abele, Pablo Brinol, Jolanda Jetten, and Anne Maass.

EASP Award for Outstanding Service to the Field

Laurant Licata (Université libre de Bruxelles)

for organizing and leading the COST network "Social psychological dynamics of historical representations in the enlarged European Union"

Laurant Licata

Selected by the EASP Executive Committee

EASP Lifetime-Achievement Award

Jolanda Jetten (University of Queensland)

Jolanda Jetten

Selected by the EASP Executive Committee

EAPP and EASP Award for outstanding contribution to European Personality and Social Psychology

Anna Baumert
(Max-Planck Institute for Research on Collective Goods & Technical University of Munich)

Anna Baumert

Jointly selected by the EAPP and EASP

Congratulations to all award winners!

Given that the Executive Committee of EASP has decided to rename the awards, a new initiative to honour the founders of the EASP, other important European social psychologists, their research groups, and their ideas has been started. The EASP launches a website summarizing the history of social psychology in Europe and invites you to contribute.

Please visit: