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Call for Abstracts: IJSP issue on Nuances of Social Class

07.09.2022, by Hannah Schäfer in call for papers

International Journal of Social Psychology (IJSP)
Submission deadline: October 16th, 2022

Revista de Psicología Social (International Journal of Social Psychology)
Revista de Psicología Social (International Journal of Social Psychology)

Call for Abstracts
The Nuances of Class: Different Meanings and Effects of Social Class Within and Across Cultures

Special Issue Editors:
Matthew Easterbrook, University of Sussex
Toon Kuppens, University of Groningen
Lusine Grigoryan, Ruhr University Bochum

There is a burgeoning literature investigating the psychological consequences of social class. Yet, we have limited knowledge about the consequences of different operationalisations, meanings, and measures of social class, and whether the effects of class vary across contexts.

In this special issue of the International Journal of Social Psychology, we invite submissions that examine the consequences of different understandings, meanings, and measures of social class within and across cultures. We are particularly interested in receiving submissions that address questions similar to the following: Are different effects associated with different objective measures of social class? Does social class have different meanings and consequences across different socioecological or sociocultural contexts? How do the meaning and the consequences of social class change when it interacts with other dimensions of social stratification (gender, ethnicity, etc.)?

The call may be particularly suited to cross-cultural or interdisciplinary researchers and/or researchers who have existing datasets that can be interrogated to shed light on the answers to these questions, although we welcome all types of submissions.

We invite authors to submit extended abstracts of no more than 1,000 words to the editorial team by 16th October 2022. Abstracts of either empirical or theoretical papers are welcome. Empirical abstracts must contain a brief background, methods, and a summary of the results.

Those selected to submit full manuscripts of up to 7,000 words will be invited to do so in January 2023.

Please email abstracts to with “IJSP” and the primary author’s name in the subject line (e.g., “IJSP Easterbrook”).

If you have any queries about the call, please email the editorial team via Matt Easterbrook at