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EASP – European Association of Social Psychology

Call for Associate Editors to form the 2021-2023 Editorial Board at EJSP

16.04.2020, by Tina Keil in announcement

European Journal of Social Psychology;
Submission deadline: May 17th, 2020


The incoming Editors of the European Journal of Social Psychology (EJSP) are currently putting together a new board of nine Associate Editors, and seek expressions of interest from talented, dedicated, and experienced academic members of the social psychology community who would like to be considered for these positions.

Associate Editors at EJSP are expected to handle around 20 manuscripts a year, recruiting reviewers, making decisions, and handling revisions. The position will commence in January 2021 and run until December 2023. Associate Editors have the opportunity to shape the field of European social psychology by contributing to journal policy and key decisions (e.g., special issues, early career awards) and to attend annual editorial meetings (expenses covered, with the first meeting ideally taking place in late autumn of 2020).

In putting together the new Editorial Board, we are looking to ensure both depth and breadth of coverage across the new team, both in terms of domain of research and methodological expertise. Areas of particular relevance to EJSP include (but are not limited to these alphabetically ordered topics): affect and emotion, applied social psychology, attitudes, cultural and cross-cultural phenomena, embodied and situated cognition, language and thought, individual differences of social-psychological relevance, interpersonal relations, intergroup relations and group processes, motivation and self-regulation, self and identity, social cognition, social influence and persuasion, and verbal and nonverbal communication. Methodologically/ analytically, EJSP accepts submissions spanning quantitative and qualitative approaches, and theoretical perspectives embedded within inter-individual, group-based, and/ or societal social psychological perspectives.

In addition to collectively covering the above domains, methods, and perspectives, we seek to appoint Associate Editors who:

  • Have established a certain amount of experience and/or seniority to enable them to make decisions in confidence. Indicators of this could include academic tenure (e.g., 5 years post-PhD, post-tenure or permanent position in a non-tenure academic system) as well as research record/ publication profile.
  • Are willing to dedicate the time and attention necessary to take an active, rather than passive, role in making decisions on manuscripts; evaluating and considering, rather than summarizing, the comments of reviewers.
  • Are willing to help achieve consistency in journal policies, and to contribute to journal policies going forward.

EJSP’s editorial team and the European Association of Social Psychology are committed to increasing the diversity of our editorial team and so we would particularly welcome applications from colleagues with backgrounds traditionally under-represented in these roles. We encourage nominations by others, but we expect nominated persons to agree in principle to the appointment and provide a cover letter.

To apply, please submit your CV (limited to two A4 pages) and a brief cover letter (limited to one A4 page) explaining why you are well suited and qualified for this position, including the topic areas you would be able to cover and your previous experience in academic reviewing and editing to by 17 May 2020. A decision is expected by early June. For informal queries or for more information, please feel free to contact the Editors.

Masi Noor, Caterina Suitner, & Thomas Morton