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EASP – European Association of Social Psychology

Call for Papers - Trust and Distrust in Governance: Exploring the Impact of Social and Political Dynamics

14.02.2023, by Media Account in call for papers

Abstract Submission Deadline: April 07, 2023

International Conference, organised by the EU-funded EnTrust project
University of Siena, Italy
September 28-29, 2023
Abstract Submission Deadline: April 07, 2023

Trust in governance is considered a pivotal element for democracy. In light of multiple and interrelated crises of recent years an increase of distrust in governance came to the fore and became a highly debated issue, both within the public and the academic field. At the same time, however, scepticism and distrust themselves are productive elements within the democratic arena, as it is a key role of democratic citizens or social movements to critically scrutinise the actions and decisions of governmental actors. This indicates a complex interrelation between trust and distrust, the factors that are responsible for these interrelations, and the ways how trust and distrust need to be evaluated. The interdisciplinary conference takes up the overarching topic of trust and distrust in democratic governments and institutions and aspires to explore it in all its various dimensions and aspects.

In order to understand processes of trust and distrust in governance, individual factors as well as underlying psychological sources and patterns need to be considered. For example, analyses might focus on the developmental changes in individual perceptions of dis/trust and the influences of everyday experiences on trust and distrust, as well as on factors responsible for the formation and change of trust related attitudes, among them political radicalisation and extremism.

Researchers are invited to submit abstracts for talks as of now. We are particularly interested in empirical-driven proposals using a quantitative, qualitative or mixed methods approach. To submit a paper proposal, we ask for title and abstract (300 words max.). All proposals should be submitted by April 07, 2023. Acceptance mails will be sent by May 06, 2023.

See the full cfp at the EnTrust website: