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EASP – European Association of Social Psychology

Call for Papers: CRSP Special Issue on the Corona virus crisis

10.04.2020, by Tina Keil in call for papers

Subject: Social Psychological Contributions to Understanding the Corona Virus Crisis; Closing date June 30th, 2020

Comprehensive Results in Social Psychology
Comprehensive Results in Social Psychology

The global Corona pandemic is not only affecting the health of many individuals in an unprecedented manner, but the necessary measures to contain the epidemic come with negative individual and social effects, too. Social Psychology can contribute to the investigation of such effects and research findings can help to alleviate the burden of the epidemic.

The CRSP Special Issue on the Corona virus crisis aims to gather rapid response research that can help to better understand social forces related to the pandemic and to alleviate the burden of the pandemic. Article topics can cover, but are not limited to:

  • infection risk perceptions
  • appraisal and emotion response
  • analyses of stigma
  • experience of social isolation, and coping strategies
  • effects of the pandemic on vulnerable minorities
  • prosocial behavior and volunteering
  • mourning and coping with loss
  • post-pandemic comparisons of transmission models, economic effect models, or models of other factors

While it is important to show that Social Psychology as a discipline can contribute to the investigation and alleviation of social consequences of the Corona crisis, it is also important to do this at a high-quality standard of research transparency. CRSP seeks to document that rapid response research and registered reports do not have to exclude each other.

For this special issue we are running an expedited review process. Each submission will be reviewed by one Editor-in-Chief and one Associate Editor to reduce turn-around time to 1-2 weeks, ideally. The format of the IPA (in-principle acceptance) allows for a direct communication of research results to the scientific and general public. Papers will be published online immediately and later collated into a special issue.

Furthermore, a special article format is available in this context. In case of longitudinal research, results of the initial assessment, if relevant as a stand-alone publication, will be published immediately, and the later longitudinal analysis as a follow-up paper, under one IPA.

Submissions are possible immediately. We foresee a closing of the call by June 30th, 2020 at the moment, with the potential of extension.

Please submit your proposal at and indicate in your cover letter and in the portal that the submission is for the Corona SI. Please direct questions regarding this call to the editors in chief, Kai Jonas and Joe Cesario, at or

We would also like to point to the possibility to obtain a Pre-registered Research Grant from the EASP (given that one author is a member of EASP) to execute this research.