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EASP – European Association of Social Psychology

Call for Papers for Special Issue of the IRSP/RIPS

14.07.2021, by Tina Keil in call for papers

The International Review of Social Psychology/Revue Internationale de Psychologie Sociale; Abstract deadline: October 15th, 2021


The facets of social evaluation: The diversity of aspects underlying the Big Two of social perception.

Social evaluation is at the heart of people’s daily interactions. Several decades of research show that whether social perceivers appraise themselves, their own group, an outgroup or multiple groups in society, they rely on two basic, sometimes called fundamental, dimensions. In light of the multiplication of models throughout the years, recent efforts have built on adversarial collaboration to organize and indeed unify the many strands of research associated with seemingly contradictory findings. The consensus emerging from this endeavor is that social evaluation rests on the combined use of a so-called Vertical dimension (Agency, Competence, Social Utility, etc.) and a so-called Horizontal dimension (Communion, Warmth, Social Desirability, etc.). Whereas the first dimension denotes aspects associated with differential levels of power, resources, wealth and “going ahead” more generally, the second dimension refers to the nature of the relationship between the perceiver and the social target or – more generally – “getting along”.

For a little more than a decade, a fascinating development in this domain concerns the recognition that each dimension of the the Big Two may be decomposed into a number of facets (Abele et al., 2008). A growing number of efforts in various countries have started to address these questions, looking at the convergences and divergences between the facets, their respective antecedents as well as their unique consequences.

The ambition of this Special issue is to bring together the current research on the facets of social evaluation. Several interpretations currently populate the literature as to what these facets may be, how many are to be distinguished, and how they are related to each other. Specifically, whereas the Vertical dimension has been shown to entail the facets of “ability and assertiveness” (Abele et al., 2020; Carrier et al., 2014), the Horizontal dimension comprises the facets of “friendliness/sociability” and “morality” (Leach et al., 2007). The issue of the various factors shaping the perception of these facets in social targets as well as their impact on social interactions also constitute issues that are at the heart of numerous empirical efforts. Through this special issue, the hope is to stimulate the dialogue and exchange among researchers interested in the important questions of the Big Two and their facets and thereby allow for further theoretical and empirical progress on this front.

The special issue will contain a maximum of 7 papers plus an introduction. Submitted papers must be original manuscripts presenting one or more empirical studies that are not under consideration by any other outlet. The papers should be about 6000-7000 words including the abstract, references, tables and acknowledgments. Please note that after the review process, the guest editors submit the entire content of the special issue to the chief editors who make the final acceptance decision (cf.

To be considered for this special issue, please submit a 500-word abstract to Vincent Yzerbyt ( and Andrea Abele-Brehm ( by October 15, 2021. The Editors of the special issue will review the abstracts and invite submission of the full manuscript for the selected papers. The deadline for submission of the full manuscript is February 1, 2022.