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Call for Papers for special issue "Living with Environmental Change”

11.10.2022, by Media Account in call for papers

Global Environmental Psychology (GEP)
Submission deadline: January 27th, 2023

Logo: Global Environmental Psychology (GEP)
Logo: Global Environmental Psychology (GEP)

Dear all,

There is a call for papers for a forthcoming special issue of Global Environmental Psychology (GEP), which is a great opportunity to contribute to this new *Diamond* open access journal. The title of the special issue is “Living with Environmental Change”. See more details of the call for papers below.

GEP is a new online only, open access journal that strongly emphasizes diversity and open science. The journal publishes high quality theoretical and applied psychological research on the relationship between people and the environment. Articles published in the journal are free to read and there is no Article Processing Charge (APC) for authors. You can view more information about the journal online (

Living with Environmental Change

This special issue will explore how people are affected by and responding to environmental and climate change around the world. We welcome articles that explore short- and long-term implications of environmental change for human behaviours, lifestyle and wellbeing.
Potential topics include, but are not restricted to:

  • Behavioural reactions to environmental change such as adaptation of individual behaviours to changing temperatures and climate patterns, biodiversity loss, pollution and environmental toxicity, and extreme weather.
  • Lifestyle reactions to climate change including changes on larger societal scale (e.g., mobility patterns) as well as resource distribution and availability (consumption patterns); or changes in ecologically-relevant social practices and traditions with psychological implications.
  • Effects on psychological wellbeing such as psychosocial reactions (e.g., increased aggression during heatwaves), phenomena in the realm of mental health (e.g., eco-anxiety and solastalgia); changing nature experiences and connectedness.
  • We also invite contributions on other reactions such as climate change denial.
  • Contributions from the Global South are strongly encouraged, illustrating different dimensions of environmental and climate change adaptation.

If you would like to contribute to the special issue, the deadline for submission of full papers is 23:59 GMT on 27 January 2023. Information about acceptable article types and word limits can be found on the journal website (

For further information, please contact the editors of the special issue:
Dr Charles Ogunbode, University of Nottingham, UK (
Dr Susan Clayton, College of Wooster, USA (