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Call for studies for a scoping review on causal predictors of COVID-19 behavior

16.01.2023, by Media Account

Logo: Ruhr University, Bochum
Logo: Ruhr University, Bochum

Dear colleagues,

We are conducting a scoping review called "Predictors of COVID-19 health behavior: A scoping review of causal research". We are seeking grey literature as well as preprints and yet unpublished studies. To be included, studies have to:

  1. Have, as an outcome variable, any behavior aimed at reducing the probability of contracting and/or transmitting COVID-19, such as: decision to vaccinate, social distancing, mask-wearing, hygienic measures. Self-reported behavior and observed behavior are included, but not intentions (such as intention to vaccinate) or behaviors in games and simulations.
  2. Use quantitative causal research methods (experiments and quasi-experiments, causal analysis of longitudinal data, differences-in-differences, instrumental variables, before and after studies, and so on).

If you have relevant studies or data, we would greatly appreciate if you could send them to so that we can include it in the review. For unpublished data, we would appreciate a short description of the study and the summary of analyses (if any).

Additional details on the project can be found here:

Thank you,

Vladimir Ponizovskiy on behalf of the team