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EASP – European Association of Social Psychology

Call for unpublished data – Meta-analysis of the correlates of transgender-specific stigma and discrimination towards transgender and gender diverse people

03.04.2023, by Media Account in announcement

Deadline: 01 May 2023

Dear colleagues,

We are conducting a systematic literature review and meta-analysis on the outcomes of transgender-specific stigma and prejudice (including internalised transphobia). We are seeking data from studies which have quantitatively examined the relationship between transgender-specific stigma and prejudice, and any health or social outcomes (e.g., medical access, community connection, psychological distress, workplace performance). We are also interested in data that have captured transgender-specific stigma and prejudice and any health or social outcomes but not necessarily analysed in this manner.

We are seeking published, unpublished, or nearly published data (including thesis data) that explores these relationships. If you have data that might be relevant, please contact us by 1st May 2023 on:

Many thanks,

Kian Jin Tan, Xochitl de la Piedad Garcia, Michael Thai, and Joel Anderson