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EASP – European Association of Social Psychology

Call for unpublished data for systematic review on inequality framing

22.02.2023, by Media Account in call for papers

Dear colleagues,

We are currently conducting a systematic review of studies that have examined the effects of framing inequality as advantage (or privilege) versus disadvantage.
In addition to published studies, we are looking for unpublished manuscripts or preprints, dissertations, conference presentations, unpublished raw data, and work in progress that match the following criteria.

  • Experimental manipulation of whether inequality is presented as advantage (descriptions of inequality with a focus on advantaged groups, advantaging mechanisms, or privilege) vs. as disadvantage (descriptions of inequality with a focus on disadvantaged groups, disadvantaging mechanisms, discrimination, or oppression)
  • Any form of social inequality or inequity
  • Any outcomes

If you have any studies or data that may match the above criteria, we would be very grateful if you were willing to share them regardless of the study’s results. Please send any relevant work and any queries that you may have to
Please also let us know how you would like your data to be cited in our resulting manuscript.
If you know of colleagues who are working on studies relevant to our review, we would be grateful if you could forward this call to them.
Thank you very much, in advance, for your time and consideration of our request.

Kind regards,

Annette Malapally, M.Sc. Psychology
Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg