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EASP – European Association of Social Psychology

EASP Meeting: Annecy Interpersonal Relationships and Tech

14.02.2019, by Tina Keil in call for papers

May 24-25th, 2019, Annecy, France
Application deadline: March 10th, 2019

Lake Annecy in total, 2 pictures
Lake Annecy

We’d like to invite presentation and hackathon submissions for a small Tech and Relationships conference that will be hosted May 24th-25th, 2019, in Annecy, France.

We expect the attendance of around 60 people, including industry- and academy-leading plenary speakers (like Jim Coan from the University of Virginia, Richard Slatcher from Wayne State University, and Tim Loving from Facebook), and will also include poster sessions and professional networking. The goal is to bring the academic and industry spheres together to encourage collaboration. Academics who attend will benefit from resources, tools, and gadgets that tech companies have access to, and will be able to discuss or actively begin research projects with the companies that are present. The conference is sponsored by EASP, Facebook, AdopteUnMec, EmbrLabs, and Standard Innovations Ottawa, and will consist of presentations as well as “hackathon” style sessions with focused goals.

We invite submissions from researchers of all career stages interested in tech or relationships (broadly defined), and especially the intersection of the two. Because of EASP sponsorship, at least 50% of academic participants will be EASP members.

Academics may apply to either give an academic presentation, or to lead a topic during one of the hackathon sessions.

Submission link:

Abstracts are due March 10th, 2019. Travel awards may be available for early career researchers in need of financial support (and preference will be given to researchers from countries with less resources). There is no registration fee and there is no costs for participants for hotel, lunch, or coffee breaks. The conference organizers strongly endorse EASP's diversity and scientific integrity statement and will follow this in selecting participants of the meeting.

We encourage researchers to reach out to Rhonda ( or Rick ( if they have questions or want to briefly discuss the suitability of their topic.

Elisa Sarda, Université Grenoble Alpes
Rick Klein, Université Grenoble Alpes
Rhonda Balzarini, York University
Michelle Kaufman, John Hopkins University
Hans IJzerman, Université Grenoble Alpes