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EJSP Update

15.06.2017, by Sibylle Classen in publication

Delays in publication of the European Journal of Social Psychology
News from the Edtitors and the EASP Journals Officer

Dear EASP members,

You may have noticed that we are currently experiencing delays in publication of the European Journal of Social Psychology. The delays are due to production quality control problems. Together with the publisher, we are working hard on a daily (and nightly) basis to resolve these problems.

At the time of writing, three recent EJSP issues and a further 86 “in press” articles are now available online.

The three EJSP issues, including two Special Issues on Diversity (edited by Ramos, Hewstone, Barreto & Branscombe) and on Collective Victimhood (edited by Noor, Vollhardt, Mari & Nadler) can be found here: (Special Issue on Diversity) (regular issue) (Special Issue on Collective Victimhood)

To reduce the impact of the delays, from now on accepted, unedited manuscripts will appear online a few days after receipt into production. These articles are not yet the “final version of record”, but they can be cited as “in press” and the DOI numbers will be unchanged for the final version. The final and edited typeset version of the article replaces the manuscript file later on.

As we write this, there are 63 new EJSP articles available in unedited form, and a further 23 new EJSP articles are already available in typeset form:

EJSP will not bombard you with unsolicited messages, but if you want to receive daily, weekly or monthly e-mail alerts of new EJSP articles and issues, please sign up for “content alerts” by following the link in the top left-hand corner of the journal website:

Please accept our apologies for the delay – and happy reading!

Kind regards,

Radmila Prislin and Vivian Vignoles

Editors, EJSP

Daniël Wigboldus

Journals Officer EASP