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EASP – European Association of Social Psychology

G.M. Andreeva (1924-2014)

04.11.2015, by Kai Sassenberg

Obituary / Memoriam by Inna B. Bovina

It is hard to write about Galina M. Andreeva, GM (as Galina Mikhailovna was called in the circle of close friend and colleagues), in the past. Now, a year later, I still cannot get used to the idea that it would not be possible to discuss new social-psychological articles, to share last news after the EASP conference or just to call GM to talk and to hear: «OK, let’s discuss it, what about coming to my place this afternoon»…

Galina M. Andreeva died in Moscow on 31 May 2014, just two weeks before her 90th anniversary. Galina M. was a Professor at the Department of Social Psychology at the Faculty of Psychology, Lomonosov Moscow State University.

Galina M. Andreeva was born in 1924 in Kazan in a family of doctors. The Great Patriotic War changed her future, because before the war Galina M. Andreeva wanted to study Physics and even applied for these studies just few days before the war, but after the war (Galina M. Andreeva voluntarily participated in it as a signaller) she preferred the studies of Philosophy at Moscow State University.

In 1953 Galina M.Andreeva obtained the PhD degree at the Faculty of Philosophy, Moscow State University, in 1969 she defended the «second PhD» (to become a research director) at the same Faculty. In 1969 Galina M. Andreeva founded the Department of Concrete Social Studies at the Faculty of Philosophy. Galina M.Andreeva belonged to a group of scientists who contributed to the so called «secondary making» of sociology in Sovien Union.

In 1972 Galina M. Andreeva founded the Department of Social Psychology at the Faculty of Psychology, Moscow State University where she worked till the end of her life. Her main interests belonged to the domain of social cognition.

It should be mentioned that both disciplines – Sociology and Social Psychology -had such a dramatic period in their development from 20s to the beginning of 60s. The history of Russian Social Psychology was described by Galina M. Andreeva in the article «Success and Failures of Russian Social Psychology» (EBSP, 2001).

Galina M. Andreeva was one of the first Soviet scientists (together with A.V. Yadov and I.S. Kon) invited to join the EAESP in 70s. The students learned about the European and American traditions in social psychology in 70s and 80s when the handbooks were not translated into Russian yet, Galina M. Andreeva shared this knowledge with them. From my personal experience of being a student and a colleague of Galina M. Andreeva, I can say that I have an excellent opportunity to follow the courses, to make my degree papers and dissertations with such a scientific supervisor as Galina M. Andreeva.

Galina M. Andreeva opened a world of social psychology to us, influenced our professional future, and gave us a vision of social psychology.

Inna B. Bovina