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EASP – European Association of Social Psychology

MSc Programme in Applied Social and Political Psychology (ASPP)

13.03.2018, by Sibylle Classen in announcement

Keele University, UK

Dear Students,

I am writing to share with you some information about our brand-new MSc Programme in Applied Social and Political Psychology (ASPP) here at Keele University in the UK.

In the below link you will find a video clip in which I and Prof Cliff Stott are explaining the focus of ASPP, its unique features, and our ambition for our students.

Attached you will also find our leaflet which will provide you with further succinct information about ASPP.

Please feel free to pass the link and the leaflet to your other fellow interested students.

Please remember that we want this programme to particularly welcome international students like yourself. So be assured that you will have a special place with us here at Keele University.

If you require any further information about ASPP, Keele, or living in the UK, do feel free to contact me.

My best wishes.

Dr Masi Noor
Keele School of PsychologyÂ