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EASP – European Association of Social Psychology

New Initiative: Facilitating the Publication of Theoretical Articles in EJSP

11.01.2018, by Sibylle Classen in announcement

Invitation for Theoretical Articels

One of the things we want to facilitate as the new editors of EJSP is the publication of theoretical articles to emphasize the importance of theorizing in our discipline.

EJSP therefore invites 3-page proposals for theoretical articles — defined broadly as articles that aim to build, develop, contest, advance, or more generally put in perspective new and/or existing theories of social-psychological phenomena. This is important for the field, as stronger theories provide a more precise input and interpretation for any confirmatory test in social-psychological research. Furthermore, exploratory research often helps to develop new theories, which may offer new interpretative lenses in need of further theoretical and empirical calibration.

Note that the theoretical articles we seek are not review or overview articles of published lines of research — for this type of article, the European Review of Social Psychology is the more suitable outlet. Indeed, EJSP theoretical articles add value to the social-psychological literature without (necessarily) adding or reviewing new data, and thus should be strong and convincing in terms of argumentation, conceptualization, and the explicit consideration of definitions and assumptions underlying ones' (or others') theorizing.

Put differently, theoretical articles for EJSP should be about new or different ideas and interpretations of social-psychological phenomena, which need to be functionally linked to existing theory and research about social-psychological phenomena. Furthermore, they should provide some concrete output, such as the generation of new hypotheses or applications.

For an overview of the new procedure and list of criteria for papers of this kind, please see:

We hope to receive your finest work. For any question, please contact Martijn van Zomeren (, Joanne Smith (, or Roland Imhoff (