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New Special Issue on Climate Change and Public Policy

25.08.2020, by Tina Keil in announcement

Behavioural Public Policy; Guest Editors: Adam Pearson, Sander van der Linden, & Leaf Van Boven

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behavioural_public policy.jpg

We are very pleased to announce a new special issue of Behavioural Public Policy on climate change, titled, “Behavioural Climate Policy”.

This special issue brings together a collection of new articles exploring how behavioral science can inform climate policy and decision making, while highlighting unique challenges and opportunities that climate change poses for behavioral science, with commentary by Baruch Fischhoff describing the history of the intersection of behavioral and climate science, and its potential.

Articles available online-first and open access:

  • Behavioural climate policy
    Sander van der Linden, Adam Pearson, & Leaf Van Boven
  • Making behavioral science integral to climate science and action
    Baruch Fischhoff
  • Beyond choice architecture: A building code for structuring climate risk management decisions
    Joseph Árvai & Robin Gregory
  • Identifying the most important predictors of support for climate policy in the United States
    Matthew Goldberg, Abel Gustafson, Matthew Ballew, Seth Rosenthal, and Anthony Leiserowitz
  • How social norms are often a barrier to addressing climate change but can be part of the solution
    Gregg Sparkman, Lauren Howe, & Greg Walton
  • How others drive our sense of understanding of policies
    Nathaniel Rabb, John Han, & Steven Sloman
  • What shapes public support for climate change mitigation policies? The role of descriptive social norms and elite cues
    Adrian Rinscheid, Silvia Pianta, & Elke Weber
  • The exchange between citizens and elected officials: A social psychological framework for citizen climate activists
    David Sherman, Michelle Shteyn, Hahrie Han, & Leaf Van Boven