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PhD program London Business School

07.12.2017, by Sibylle Classen

Deadline for applications: January 8, 2018

London Business School’s Organisational Behaviour area would like to invite interested students with a background in social and personality psychology (and related areas) to apply for our Ph.D. program in organisational behaviour (applications are due January 8, 2018 for Autumn 2018 start). Our department is dedicated to the study of individual and group behaviour in an organisational context (i.e., micro-organisational behaviour). Topics of study include creativity, diversity, ethics, judgement and decision making, morality, negotiations, networks, organisational change, power and status, social hierarchy, and team dynamics. Faculty who mentor graduate students include: Raina Brands, Dan Cable, Daniel Effron, Herminia Ibarra, Ena Inesi, Selin Kesebir, Gillian Ku, Pier Mannucci, Thomas Mussweiler, Michael Parke, Randall Peterson, Madan Pillutla, Aneeta Rattan, Eliot Sherman, Lisa Shu, and Niro Sivanathan.

About the Ph.D. program at LBS: Our program is designed to train students to become scholars in the field and take academic jobs in research-oriented universities around the world. We expect you to take 5 *fully funded* years to complete the Ph.D., during which you will develop content knowledge, learn to conduct original empirical research, TA, and internalise the professional values and traditions of the field. Applicants typically have undergraduate backgrounds in social psychology, organisational behaviour, I/O psychology, sociology, or economics. We also welcome applicants with other backgrounds who have a strong interest in individual behaviour.

You can directly download the PhD brochure at:

Further information about the OB PhD can be found here:

If you have any questions, feel free to contact the OB PhD faculty coordinator, Niro Sivanathan at