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EASP – European Association of Social Psychology

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04.06.2016, by Sibylle Classen in publication

La comprensione del sociale. Strategie cognitive e prospettiva sul futuro by Paolo Calegari
MIMESIS 2016, 417 pages


ISBN: 978-88-5753-338-4, ISBN 9 78857533384

This book is aimed to extend the Social Psychology field


CHAPTER 1 : Social Thought, Cognitive Capacities, Historical Knowledge, New Acquisitions.

CHAPTER 2 : Ten important voices : J. Ortega y Gasset, P. Teilhard de Chardin,L. Von Bertalanffy,
K. Lorenz, H. Arendt, E. Hobsbawm, C. Castoriadis, N. Chomsky, J. Rawls , N. Klein

CHAPTER 3 : Kinds of Thought and Social Self Knowlòedge

CHAPTER 4 : Global Regulation and a worldwide Law. A Method for comparing the Constitutions
of the States

CHAPTER 5 . Cognitive aspects of Constitutional Strategies