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EASP – European Association of Social Psychology

Report of the EASP Dehumanization meeting 2022 by Maria Bettinsoli

21.07.2022, by Hannah Schäfer

The EASP Dehumanization meeting 2022 took place on April 28-30th, 2022 in Tenerife, Spain

Participants of the EASP Dehumanization meeting 2022
Participants of the EASP Dehumanization meeting 2022

I attended to the EASP Dehumanization meeting on April 28-30th, 2022 (see meeting webpage here). I’ve given a full talk presentation titled “Stereotypical Attribution of Humanness to Intersectional Categories”. I presented a series of study in collaboration with Jaime Napier and Magdalena Formanowicz investigating how stereotypical attribution of humanness may vary depending on the intersectional category you are considering. Specifically we asked participants to rate different traits on the dimension of humanness and then to attribute the same traits to different categories identified by the intersection of gender, race, and sexual orientation. Our findings are interesting and informative for dehumanization research because it applied it to intersectionality.

The EASP meeting was organized in an amazing way and this was a great opportunity to rethink dehumanization and confront social discourses.
We also had the opportunity to create new collaborations, and to write a paper to be submitted to a special issue in Current Opinion in Behavioral Sciences.