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EASP – European Association of Social Psychology

Seeking Published and Unpublished Research for a Meta-Analysis on Social Power and Risk

01.04.2022, by Hannah Schäfer in call for papers

Submission deadline: May 15th, 2022

Logo: Open Science Framework (OSF)
Logo: Open Science Framework (OSF)

We are conducting a meta-analysis of studies that have examined the effects of social power on risk taking. We are interested in whether the relationship between social power and risk taking varies across cultures.

We are looking for research that meets the following two criteria:

1. Includes an operationalization of social power that falls into one of the following categories:

  • a) an experimental manipulation of social power (e.g., power priming, power posing, power role assignment)
  • b) a trait or state measurement of social power (e.g., personal sense of power, personality dominance, power in relationships)
  • c) naturally occurring groups that differ in social power (e.g., managers and employees, nurses and nursing assistants, officers and soldiers; but not groups that differ in terms of race, gender, or nationality)

2. Includes a measurement of risk taking (e.g., behavioral, self-report, peer-report), which can be about financial, health, or sexual outcomes, but also general risk-taking propensity.

We are hoping to include published articles, dissertations, unpublished manuscripts and work currently in progress or press. Given our research question, we are also hoping to include studies conducted in non-Western countries.

We would be very grateful if you would be willing to share with us any studies approximately matching our inclusion criteria, regardless of the study’s results. All contributions will be appropriately acknowledged in any resulting publication. Please send any relevant work or queries to Eftychia Stamkou ( by the 15th of May 2022.

More details on our project can be found on OSF:

Kind regards,
Eftychia Stamkou, Andrew Choi, Cameron Anderson