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EASP – European Association of Social Psychology

Travel Grant Report by Emilio Paolo Visintin

02.10.2016, by Sibylle Classen in grant report

University of Lausanne, Switzerland; Attendance at 39th Annual Meeting of the International Society of Political Psychology (ISPP)

Thanks to the travel grant accorded by the European Association of Social Psychology, I had the opportunity to travel to Warsaw to attend the 39th Annual Meeting of the International Society of Political Psychology (ISPP).

During the ISPP meeting I gave two oral presentations: during the first one I presented two studies about the role extended contact between minority groups in reducing interminority prejudice, while the second one pertained to a series of studies about the interplay between intergroup contact and social norms in shaping intergroup attitudes. Furthermore, I have attended several interesting and inspiring symposia and thematic sessions.

Attending the ISPP conference has been very important to me for several reasons. First, during my presentations I have received feedback on my research that is helping me to plan the next studies and to develop theoretical advancements and applications of my research. Second, the interesting presentations have helped me to be updated on the current hot topics in social and political psychology and to gain knowledge on the very last updates in subjects such as prejudice, ethnic diversity, and collective action. Moreover, several presentations and symposia were about developments of intergroup contact theory that is my main research domain, thus the content of the conference was very relevant to me. Third, this conference has been very important for developing my research network. Indeed, the ISPP conference was attended by prominent scholars from several fields (social psychologists, sociologists and political scientists) and with research expertise in different intergroup contexts. Discussing with them has been stimulating and might hopefully be a basis for further collaborations. Also, I have had the occasion to meet colleagues with whom I have worked in the past and with whom it is always a great pleasure to catch up.

To conclude, I would like to thank again the European Association of Social Psychology Executive Committee for awarding me this travel grant.