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EASP – European Association of Social Psychology

Travel Grant Report by Mario Sainz

12.09.2016, by Sibylle Classen in grant report

University of Granada, Spain; Participation in the EASP Summer School 2016, Exeter, UK

The EASP travel grant allowed me to attend the EASP Summer School in Exeter (UK) between 1st and 13th of August, 2016. Specifically, I had the opportunity to participate on the Workstream of Humanization and Dehumanization, under the supervision of Maria Paola Paladino (University of Trento), Manuela Barreto and Terri Kirby (University of Exeter).

During the summer school we were discussing different key issues of the huge topic of dehumanization. The main goal of these discussions was to debate and in some way to figure out some of the answers to the main questions that are still unanswered on the field. In this regard, one of the debates centered on the relation between the different conceptualizations of (de)humanization (e.g., infrahumanization, animalistic and mechanistic dehumanization) and other similar processes such objectification or mind attribution. As a result of the discussion, we were comparing the different measures and scales in the field. We thought also about how the different measures can be applied in different studies and their pros and cons of them. In addition, we also took some time in discussing other trending topics in the field as the impact of technology in our life or the role of emotion regulation as a motivational process when dehumanizing others.

Importantly, all these discussions and explanations related to the highlights of the area impacted positively in our training. Thus, in the second week we used that knowledge to develop the final research project. Finally, on the last day every group presented the research proposal in the final session.

Furthermore, I would like to highlight the great atmosphere generated during the summer school. It was a really nice experience and enriching to have the opportunity of sharing two weeks with students from different universities and experts in many different areas. Certainly, I am absolutely convinced that this was a valuable experience that contributes to create a link between young researches.