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EASP – European Association of Social Psychology

Workshop: Attitudes in Context

01.08.2017, by Sibylle Classen

Universität Regensburg, Germany, September 14th and 15th, 2017

“Attitudes in Context” is an interdisciplinary workshop with philosophers and psychologists on recent developments and problems in the theory of attitudes. Philosophical debates on the nature of attitudes – triggered by phenomena of behavioral inconsistency – have received novel input from psychological methods of measuring attitudes. In turn, the debate on techniques of measuring attitudes in psychology has led to discussions of foundational issues in attitude theory. This workshop creates a shared floor for discussing attitude theory and recent empirical results.


  • Shria Elqayam (De Montfort) "Deontic Attitudes: Norm Generation, Moral Judgement and Grounded Rationality"
  • Agustín Rayo (MIT)  "Belief-attributions for Fragmented Believers"
  • Iris Schneider (Köln) "The Route of Doubt: Using Mouse Trajectories to Examine Attitudinal Ambivalence"
  • Eric Schwitzgebel (UC Riverside) "The Pragmatic Metaphysics of Belief"
  • Michaela Wänke (Mannheim) "Pragmatic Persuasion"
  • Hans Rott (Regensburg) "Beliefs, Doxastic Preferences and Context Effects"
  • Tim Kraft (Regensburg) "Belief and Acceptance"
  • Christoph Michel (Regensburg) "Problems for a Static Conception of Attitudes"

Preliminary programme

Vielberth-Gebäude (on campus), H 26

To register and to receive more information, please contact

Hans Rott, Chair for Theoretical Philosophy (Universität Regensburg),
Tim Kraft, Christoph Michel (Theoretische Philosophie, Universität Regensburg)