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European Bulletin of Social Psychology (2015/27,3)

Dear EASP members

Before you stands the newly refurbished bulletin of the European Association of Social Psychology. The bulletin retains the content it had before, but now comes to you in an interactive email that links to the relevant pages on the website. The website has also been refurbished. We have retained key elements of the bulletin and of the website, but endeavoured to modernize and increase the functionality of these two central media to improve how we function, how we profile ourselves as an association, and our ability to showcase our member’s activities. This is still work in progress and there will certainly be some teething troubles in the first few months, but we hope that you agree that this is a valuable improvement.

Your executive committee
Manuela Barreto, Kai Sassenberg, Jean-Claude Croizet, Torun Lindholm, Ernestine Gordijn, Mara Cadinu, Daniel Wigboldus, and Sibylle Classen

General Meeting

We are pleased to announce that the next General Meeting of EASP – where we will celebrate 50 years of our association – will take place 5 to 8 July 2017, in Granada, Spain! This outstanding location emerged as the favourite out of the record number of 7 applications received by the executive committee for the organization of this meeting. The meeting will be organized by a fantastic local team, led by our colleagues Rosa Rodriguez Bailon and Miguel Moya. Thank you both! 

A call for the programme committee has been issued through our mailing list. If you are interested in applying or nominating someone else, please get in touch with Sibylle Classen.

Alhambra, Granada

Alhambra, Granada

Open Call for Members of the Programme Committee

of the 2017 General Meeting of EASP

Opinions and Perspectives

ERC grants currently are the most prestigious and competitive research funds. Thomas Webb shares his experience of applying and obtaining an ERC starting grant, hoping that his story will encourage social psychologists to follow his path.

What are the challenges facing social psychology ? In June 2015, UK social psychologists met at the London School of Economics to discuss the past, present and future of our discipline.

Reflections on the Vision of Social Psychology

Report on a Conference -- Sandra Obradović & Cathy Nicholson (London School of Economics and Political Science)

Research Knowledge Transfer Scheme

The first EASP Research and Knowledge Transfer activity has now taken place in Warsaw, Poland. This focused on ‘How to publish and review papers.’ Read the report here to see just how useful this activity can be. If you are interested in organizing one of these activities, please check the website for how to apply.

Research Knowledge Transfer Activity

Writing workshop: ”How to publish and review” -- Łódz/Poland -- September 02-03, 2015 -- Organizer: Dr. Wojciech Kulesza (University of Social Sciences and Humanities, Warsaw) --

Future EASP Meetings

Call for Papers: Medium Size Meeting on The Psychology of political ideology: Insights from intergroup approaches

June 23-26, 2016, Oppurg (Germany) -- Organizers: Jutta Proch & Thomas Kessler -- Contact: Jutta Proch at

Call for papers: Small Group Meeting on Counterfactual thinking in causality, emotion, communication, and behaviour

June 1-4, 2016, Aix-en-Provence (France), Organizers: Mauro Bertolotti, Ruth Byrne, Patrizia Catellani, Kai Epstude & Denis Hilton

Call for papers: SPSSI/EASP Small Group Meeting on Understanding Hate Crimes: Multi-Disciplinary Analyses

University of Connecticut, July 11 – 13, 2016 --- Organisers: Rupert Brown and Mark Walters (Sussex University), Blair T. Johnson and Megan Iacocca (University of Connecticut)

Call for papers: EASP Small Group Meeting on New directions in the social psychology of solidarity

May 10-11, 2016, Brighton, UK ---- Organizers: John Drury, Roberto González, Nick Hopkins, Clifford Stevenson and Hanna Zagefka

Call for papers: EASP Medium Size Meeting: The Psychology of Attitudes: Experience-based versus information-based attitude processes

July 21-24, 2016, Cologne (Germany) Organizers: Christian Unkelbach, Anne Gast, Sascha Topolinski, Pablo Briñol, Geoff Haddock, Rob Holland, Greg Maio, Rich Petty, Duane Wegener

Reports of Previous Meetings

Report on Small Group Meeting: Is Facism on the rise?

May 15-18, 2015 -- EASP-COST IS1205 meeting in Athens, 8-9 May 2015 -- Organizers: Andreea Ernst-Vintila (Université de Reims Champagne-Ardenne, University Al. I. Cuza, Iasi), Laura de Guissmé (Université Libre de Bruxelles, FNRS/FRS (FRESH)), Yechiel Klar (Tel-Aviv University), Elena-Irina Macovei (University Al. I. Cuza, Iasi)

Report on Small Group Meeting: Objectification: Seeing and treating other people as objects.

June 11-13, 2015 -- Rovereto, Italy -- Organizers: Steve Loughnan (; Jeroen Vaes (

Report on Small Group Meeting on the Dynamics of intergroup relations: Majority and minority perspectives on improving intergroup relations

June 18-21, 2015 (Budapest, Hungary) -- Organizers: Anna Kende, Nina Hansen & Sabine Otten

Report on EASP Medium Size Meeting on Moral Judgment and Behavior

June 25 – 28, 2015 (Sopot , Poland) The Organizing Committee: Aleksandra Szymkow (University of Social Sciences and Humanities, Sopot), Stefano Pagliaro (Seconda Università di Napoli), Joris Lammers (University of Cologne), Konrad Bocian (University of Social Sciences and Humanities, Sopot), Bogdan Wojciszke (University of Social Sciences and Humanities, Sopot)

Report on EASP Medium Size Meeting on Social Justice: Inequality and Recognition

June 25 - 28, 2015 -- Castle Oppurg, Thuringia, Germany -- Organizers: Thomas Kessler (Friedrich Schiller University of Jena), Nicole Harth (Ernst Abbe University of Applied Science of Jena), and Stefanie Hechler (Friedrich Schiller University of Jena)

Report on Small Group Meeting on Unexpected Leadership: How Marginal Individuals and Groups Lead Social Transformation

July 15-18, 2015 -- University of Sheffield, UK -- Organizers: David Rast, Michael Hogg & Georgina Randsley de Moura

Report on Small Group Meeting: Towards a neuroscience for social psychologists

September 9-11, 2015 -- Graz, Austria -- Organizers: Gayannée Kedia ( University of Graz, Austria), Lasana Harris (University College London), Lotte van Dillen (University College London, UK), Gert-Jan Lelieveld (University College London, UK)

Report on the SISPP 2015 (SPSP summer school)

July 19 - August 1, 2015 -- Northeastern University in Boston, Massachusetts

New Publications

Social Psychology: A Very Short Introduction

by Richard J. Crisp, 2015. Oxford University Press. £7.99 ISBN-10: 019871551X, ISBN-13: 978-0198715511

The Social Psychology of Intractable Conflicts

Celebrating the Legacy of Daniel Bar-Tal -- Edited by Eran Halperin and Keren Sharvit | Springer

New Publications by Members


News about Members


A year without GM (in memoriam of G.M. Andreeva)

A grant has been awarded to the following members

  • Gerd Bohner (extraordinary grant)
  • Natalia Cojocaru (extraordinary grant)
  • Marieke de Vries (extraordinary grant)
  • Sylvie Graf (extraordinary grant)
  • Kai Jonas (extraordinary grant)
  • Mariska Kret (extraordinary grant)
  • Meghan McNamara (travel grant)
  • Eline Meijer (travel grant)
  • Masi Noor (extraordinary grant)
  • Kim Peters (extraordinary grant)
  • Sindhuja Sankaran (travel grant)
  • Julia Sasse (travel grant)
  • Catherine Verniers (travel grant)

Grant Reports

Grant Report

Asuman Buyukcan-Tetik (VU University Amsterdam) -- Travel Grant: Visit to Lorne Campbell (University of Western Ontario)

Grant Report

Laura Celeste (KU Leuven) -- Travel Grant: Visit to Rupert Brown (University of Sussex in Brighton, UK).

Grant Report

Freyja Fischer (Osnabrück University, Osnabrück) -- Travel Grant: Visit to Dr. Mie Kito (Center for Experimental Research in Social Sciences, Hokkaido University, Sapporo, Japan) -- January 18 – March 5, 2015

Grant Report

Marta Marchlewska (University of Warsaw) -- Travel Grant: Visit to Aleksandra Cichocka (University of Kent)

Grant Report

Eline Mejer (University of Leiden) -- Travel grant: Visit to Eleni Vangeli (London South Bank University, UK)

Seedcorn Grant Report

Chuma Owuamalam (University of Nottingham, Malaysia Campus, UK) -- Seedcorn Grant: Testing the Neural Bases of Judgments and Experience of Emotions when Social Status Matters

Grant Report

Johannes Seehusen (University of Groningen) -- Travel grant: Visit to Ayelet Fishbach (Booth School of Business, University of Chicago)

Seedcorn Grant Report

Anouk van der Weiden (Brain Center Rudolf Magnus, University Medical Center Utrecht, NL) -- Seedcorn Grant: When Two Become One -- in cooperation with Roman Liepelt and Thomas Mussweiler



Loes Meeussen and Melvyn RW Hamstra: EJSP early career best manuscript awards 2014

Call for Applications

2018 EASP Summer School: In search of a location

New Members of the Association

The following applications for membership were approved by the Executive Committee in October 2015. Names of members providing letters of support are in parentheses:

Full Membership

Dr. Lucia BOSONE
Bron, France
(N. Kalampalikis, J.M. Falomir Pichastor)

Cardiff, UK
(T. Manstead, G. Maio)

Dr. Devin RAY
Reading, UK
(K. Sassenberg, N. Macrae)

Dr. Ruth BYRNE
Dublin, Ireland
(D. Hilton, K. Epstude)

Tel-Aviv, Israel
(K. Fiedler, F. Strack)

Stockholm, Sweden
(M. Gustafsson Sendén, T. Lindholm)

Chicago, USA
(T. Saguy, R. Crisp)

Dr. Barbara MÜLLER
Nijmegen, The Netherlands
(A. Dijksterhuis, A. van der Weiden)

Dr. Giovanni Antonio TRAVAGLINO
Canterbury, UK
(C. Leicht, D. Abrams)

Dr. Adrian COYLE
Kingston, UK
(I. Gleibs, N. Hopkins)

Dr. Sanne NAUTS
Utrecht, The Netherlands
(R. Dotsch, D. Wigboldus)

Dr. Evelyne TREINEN
Denver, USA
(V. Yzerbyt. O. Corneille)

Malaga, Spain
(E. Morales, M.S. Palacios)

Ulm, Germany
(J. Keller, A. Scholl)

Dr. Monika WROBEL
Lodz, Poland
(K. Krys, A. Czarna)

Kent, UK
(I. Pinto, G. Randsley de Moura)

Postgraduate Membership

Belgrade, Serbia
(S. Cehajic-Clancy, I. Zezelj)

Catarina MORAIS
Canterbury, UK
(G. Randsley de Moura, I. Pinto)

Lausanne, Switzerland
(E.P. Visintin, B. Dompnier)

Rome, Italy
(L. Dryjanska, A.S. de Rosa)

Sandrine MUELLER
Cambridge, UK
(M. Bos, S. Schnall)

Belfast, UK
(R. Turner, S. Pehrson)

Milano, Italy
(A. Minescu, C. McGarty)

Belgrade, Serbia
(M. Friese, I. Zezelj)

Amsterdam, The Netherlands
(P.A.M. van Lange, F. Righetti)

Stanislava KOVACOVA
Brno, Czech Republic
(S. Graf, M. Hrebickova)

Amsterdam, The Netherlands
(I. Schneider, S. Koole)

Frederik WERMSER
Groningen, The Netherlands
(S. Täuber, M. van Zomeren)

Executive Committee

Manuela Barreto (President), College of Life and Environmental Sciences, University of Exeter, Exeter EX4 4QG, UK

Mara Cadinu (Meetings), D.P.S.S., University of Padova, Via Venezia 8, I-35131 Padova, Italy

Jean-Claude Croizet (Secretary), CeRCA (UMR CNRS 6234, MSHS Université de Poitiers, F-86000 Poitiers, France

Ernestine Gordijn (Grants), Department of Social and Organizational Psychology, University of Groningen, Grote Kruisstraat 2/1, NL-9712 TS Nijmegen, The Netherlands

Torun Lindholm (European Liaison), Department of Psychology, Stockholm University, SE-106 91 Stockholm, Sweden

Kai Sassenberg (Treasurer), Knowledge Media Research Center, Schleichstr. 6, D-72076 Tuebingen, Germany

Daniël Wigboldus (Journals), Department of Social Psychology, Radboud University Nijmegen, PO Box 9104, NL 6500 HE Nijmegen, The Netherlands

Executive Officer:
Sibylle Classen, P.O. Box 420 143, D-48068 Muenster, Germany

Executive Officer
Sibylle Classen
P.O. Box 420 143
D-48068 Muenster

Jean-Claude CROIZET
University of Poitiers, France