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EASP – European Association of Social Psychology

Theory-Innovation Award

This award recognises the author or authors of one article, book, or book chapter that has made an outstanding theoretical contribution to social psychology. Theoretical innovation is not restricted to the presentation of a new theory; theoretical integration and extension will also be considered innovative.

The award honours a single contribution and therefore can be awarded at all career stages. The lead author must be a full EASP member.

Suggestions from EASP members are typically welcomed in the Autumn prior to the General Meeting. Suggestions should include a letter indicating why the publication is deserving of this award, and should include a PDF of the publication. The procedure will be clarified when suggestions are invited.

The awardee will be selected by the Executive Committee. The awardee is invited to give a lecture at the General Meeting. They will receive a certificate and will be invited to attend the General Meeting as a guest of the EASP.

Previous award winners:

2020/21: Toni Schmader (University of British Columbia) and Constantine Sedikides (University of Southampton) for the article: Schmader, T., & Sedikides, C. (2018). State authenticity as fit to environment: The implications of social identity for fit, authenticity, and self-segregation. Personality and Social Psychology Review, 22(3), 228-259.

2023: Thekla Morgenroth (Purdue University) and Michelle Ryan (Australian National University) for the article: Morgenroth, T., & Ryan, M. K. (2021). The effects of gender trouble: An integrative theoretical framework of the perpetuation and disruption of the gender/sex binary. Perspectives on Psychological Science, 16(6), 1113–1142.