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EASP – European Association of Social Psychology

Extraordinary Grants

Grant Schemes 2022

The COVID-19 grant scheme of 2020 and 2021 was a great success. We received a large number of high quality applications and funding allocation was competitive. From 2022 we have offered a new grant scheme (see below).

Social Psychology Ambassadors

Next application deadline is October 15th, 2024.

EASP seeks to appoint three Ambassadors to promote social psychological research either in European regions (broadly defined) that have a less developed academic infrastructure or representation of social psychology, or on regional topics that have received less interest in mainstream social psychology (or a combination of both).
The goal of these ambassadorships is to come up with innovative ways to connect researchers, reach out to policy makers or communities and/or to conduct (initial) research on topics that are so far overlooked.

Ambassadors should propose activities and measures that:
• Increase the regional/topical/research approach diversity within EASP
• Lead to a transfer of knowledge on relevant dimensions and skills, and support the local/regional academic career of the ambassador and their network and collaboration partners
• Have a local/regional impact in anchoring social psychology in the respective academic and societal landscape

Mere research projects are not deemed sufficient for an application. We would like to see how the successful candidates become social psychological lighthouses that are visible in both academic and societal contexts, that can integrate and explain to novel audiences the importance and use of social psychological analysis and build (regional) networks.
We intend to run this ambassadorship over the period of 2 years (starting in 2025), with a special programming during the next EASP General Meeting in 2026.


• Each ambassador receives a budget of 5000€ (for the first year) and 3500€ (for the second year, after evaluation), and a waiver for the GM conference fee, travel and accommodation costs (app. 1500€).
• The SPA funding is no lump sum funding, planned expenses must be transparently documented, co-financing of an own position is possible to a degree of 10% of the total grant sum (1000€ max), no institutional overhead can be declared.
• There is a midterm evaluation moment at the end of the first year.


• Any EASP member (full/postgraduate) can apply
• Non-members can apply as well, but need to become members and pass membership criteria before they can get awarded (joint assessment)
• Applicants must be able to showcase that they are either geographically based in our target regions, or that they have a direct connection with the matter in focus and (intend to) work in these regions.

Application criteria

• A proposal (1000 words) on how you seek/plan to fill in your ambassadorship, detailing

1. Your goal and means to attain it
2. The need for the regional or topical focus
3. The innovative character (relative to the context in focus)
4. The benefit for social psychology as a discipline
5. Collaboration partners (if applicable)

• A CV and motivation letter that details the location or affinity with the region/matter
• Institutional support letters
• For non-members, 2 letters of recommendation (if procuring those letters poses a problem, please reach out to the Executive Committee)
• Co-financing (to be) obtained from other funders is desirable, but not a mandatory criterion
• Next submission deadline: 15.10.2024

Application procedure

• Please submit your application via email to with the email subject line "YOUR_NAME SPA application".

If you have queries, please contact the Diversity Officer (Gülseli Baysu):

Previous Ambassadors

• You can read about the previous awardees and watch a short interview here: You can also read the Ambassador reports here: and here:
Announcements and updates by the ambassadors appeared in the European Bulletin of Social Psychology: Please see the June and December 2022 issues. Under "downloads" below, you can also view presentations summarising the previous ambassadors' activities.