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EASP – European Association of Social Psychology

European Review of Social Psychology

About the Journal

The European Review of Social Psychology (ERSP) is an international open-submission review journal, published under the auspices of the European Association of Social Psychology. It provides an outlet for substantial, theory-based reviews of empirical work addressing the full range of topics covered by the field of social psychology. Potential authorship is international, and papers are edited with the help of a distinguished, international editorial board.

Articles published in ERSP typically review a programme of the author’s own research, as evidenced by the author's own papers published in leading peer-reviewed journals. We welcome theoretical contributions that are underpinned by a substantial body of empirical research, which locate the research programme within a wider body of published research in that area, and provide an integration that is greater than the sum of the published articles. ERSP also publishes conventional reviews and meta-analyses.

All published review articles in this journal have undergone rigorous peer review, based on initial screening and refereeing by the Editors and at least two independent, expert referees.


European Review of Social Psychology Cover
European Review of Social Psychology Cover


  • Miles Hewstone (Oxford University, UK)
  • Antony Manstead (Cardiff University, UK)

Editorial Board:

  • Manuela Barreto (University of Exeter, UK)
  • Julia Becker (University of Osnabrück, Germany)
  • Herbert Bless (Mannheim University, Germany)
  • Nyla Branscombe (University of Kansas, USA)
  • John Dovidio (Yale University, USA)
  • Klaus Fiedler (University of Heidelberg, Germany)
  • Agneta Fischer (University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands)
  • Bertram Gawronski (University of Texas at Austin, USA)
  • Lasana Harris (University College London, UK)
  • Gordon Hodson (Brock University, Canada)
  • Michael Hogg (Claremont Graduate University, USA)
  • Aarti Iyer (University of Sheffield, UK)
  • Jolanda Jetten (University of Queensland, Australia)
  • Charles Judd (University of Colorado at Boulder, USA)
  • Colin Wayne Leach - University of Connecticut, USA)
  • Bernard Nijstad (University of Groningen, The Netherlands)
  • Sabine Otten (University of Groningen, The Netherlands)
  • Brian Parkinson (University of Oxford, UK)
  • Kate Reynolds (Australian National University, Australia)
  • Norbert Schwarz (University of Southern California, USA)
  • Joanne Smith (University of Exeter, UK)
  • Russell Spears (University of Groningen, The Netherlands)
  • Wolfgang Stroebe (University of Groningen, The Netherlands)
  • Paul van Lange (Vrije Universiteit, The Netherlands)
  • Colette van Laar (University of Leuven, Belgium)
  • Alberto Voci (University of Padua, Italy)

How to Subscribe

All members of the EASP have electronic access to the ERSP. For your electronic access, please login to the members' area of the website (if you forgot your login and password, please contact Sibylle Classen). Additionally, all members of the EASP receive the print volume of the ERSP as a membership privilege. To purchase a subscription to this journal, institutional librarians should please contact: or visit the journal’s website.

Procedure for Submission

Please visit the journal's website for information regarding submissions.

More information

Further information can be found on the website of the journal.