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EASP – European Association of Social Psychology

History of the EASP

50 years of the EASP

At the General Meeting at Granada (2017) EASP celebrated its 50th anniversary. To mark the occasion the Executive Committee invited Eddy Van Avermaet to write an account of the history of EASP. The text below is a pdf version of the original booklet that was offered as a gift to all the participants of the Granada Meeting.

Following a description of the conferences that eventually led to the foundation of EASP the historic account contains an overview of EASP’s activities in the early years and of some of the problems confronted. The middle section of the account contains testimonials from presidents and EC members throughout the years. The overview ends with a comparison between then and now. The text is illustrated with (old) documents and with lots of older and more recent pictures.

This booklet was written by Eddy Van Avermaet (University of Leuven), member of the Executive Committee between 2002 and 2008. The layout of the text was handled by Tina Keil (postgraduate member at the University of Exeter).

[The additional link is to the lightfooted speech on EASP’s history which Eddy delivered at the farewell dinner of the Granada General meeting (July 6-8 2017)]

The ProFile - A guide to the EAESP - 1999

Bernard Rimé, while secretary of EASP (1987-1990), had suggested the creation of a booklet that would contain all the information relevant for (prospective) members of EASP. The resulting A5 booklet, edited by Bernard himself and first published in the early nineties, proved extremely valuable. It constituted the basis for the early version of the EASP website which was created in 2002, under the auspices of Eddy Van Avermaet.


The Origins of the EAESP: Social Psychology in Europe

The text was written by Carl F. Graumann (University of Heidelberg). It was first published in the first (1995) and second (1999) editions of the ProFile of the EAESP. Part of the text is based on a research project on the history of social psychology in Postwar Europe, making use also of the Archives of the EAESP (kept at the K.U.Leuven library).