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EASP – European Association of Social Psychology

European Journal of Social Psychology

About the Journal

The European Journal of Social Psychology (EJSP) is a truly international forum for high quality, peer reviewed, original research in all areas of social psychology and from all parts of the world. Our diverse editorial team encourages submissions that provide a significant contribution to the understanding of social psychological phenomena and are based on empirical, meta-analytical or theoretical research. Methodological contributions to social psychology are also welcome.

The EJSP is open to publication of high quality research on all topics within the field. The topics covered include, among others, intergroup relations, group processes, social cognition, attitudes, social influence and persuasion, self and identity, verbal and nonverbal communication, language and thought, affect and emotion, embodied and situated cognition, cultural and cross-cultural phenomena, societal psychology and individual differences of social-psychological relevance.

The journal was originally published by Mouton & Co., The Hague, and the first issues were published in 1971. In July 1977, publication of the journal was taken over by John Wiley & Sons, where it has since remained.


European Journal of Social Psychology Cover
European Journal of Social Psychology Cover

Procedure for Submissions

If you are thinking of submitting an article to EJSP, please see the author guidelines here:

To submit an article, please go to and you will be guided through the process step by step. Once you have logged into the system you will be able to check your manuscript status at any time.

If you have any difficulties with your manuscript submission, please contact the editorial office at:

Journal Grant Scheme

Although there are no complimentary subscriptions to the EJSP, funds are available from the EASP for a limited number of subscription grants to EJSP. These grants are intended for educational institutions that are interested in developing local research and scholarship, but lack the financial resources to take out a normal subscription to the journal. Each grant will cover the cost of a single subscription to EJSP and will run for an initial period of 3 years. Letters of application should be addressed to the Executive Officer:

These letters should include assurances that:

  1. The journal will be available to undergraduate and graduate students as well as research and teaching staff.
  2. The journal will be controlled by a librarian at an educational institution in which relevant research is carried out.
  3. The recipient institution has a shortage of funds that makes it impossible to subscribe to the journal in the normal way.
  4. At the end of the three year period, the recipient institution will provide a report on the use that has been made of the journal.

How to Subscribe

Postgraduate members have full online access to this journal. Full and affiliate members have full online access. You can change your subscription preference in the members' area of the website.