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EASP – European Association of Social Psychology

Connect, Engage, and Inform

The EASP has a number of channels by which it circulates information and news relevant to its members. Currently, these channels include the EASP Website, an email list (Mailserve), Twitter (@easpinfo), and the EBSP Newsletter (sent 2-3 times a year).

Depending on the type of information you provide, we typically distribute your information via the following channels:

Type of information Circulated via
Jobs offer (Early career and above) W, M, T
Training opportunities W, T
Call for papers - for upcoming meetings or conferences W, M, T, N
Call for papers - for special journal issues W, M, T, N
Call for unpublished data, e.g., for meta-analyses M, T
Other calls or information relevant to EASP members W, T, N

W = Website, M = Mailserve, T = Twitter, N = EBSP Newsletter

Restrictions / Conditions

  • We do not circulate attachments. A link to an externally hosted file is acceptable.
  • Circulation via Mailserve is reserved for EASP members and will only be circulated if deemed to be of interest to the membership.
  • We circulate PhD positions ONLY via the EASP-website (not via twitter or mailserve). 
  • Circulation does not imply that the content of the circulated information is endorsed either by the Association or by the Executive Committee.

What to send

Please send the information you would like us to circulate to, using the attached PDF or Word form below. For the PDF form, we recommend that you download it to your desktop first and complete it using Acrobat Reader. Clearly state an appropriate title, followed by the respective information.

Make sure that the information you would like us to circulate is relatively brief but with enough information to count as a stand-alone piece of information—a few words with a link to an online resource will not suffice. Moreover, please indicate via which channels you would like us to circulate the information (in line with the restrictions/channels listed above).

Depending on the circulation channel, attach any relevant logos and images. These should be provided in a reasonably high resolution (at least 800 x 600 pixels at 72 dpi). Make sure to respect copyright regulations and privacy laws (e.g., get permission from the owner or copyright holder and state the copyright and source in your email).