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PhD Student Position on Physiostracism

01.08.2019, by Tina Keil

Tilburg University, Netherlands
Application deadline: August 16th, 2019

Logo: Tilburg University
Logo: Tilburg University

We are recruiting a PhD student for an NWO funded project on the behavioral responses to ostracism.

Ostracism - being excluded and ignored - has a powerful influence on people’s well-being. To cope with this stressful event, people have been shown to respond prosocially and antisocially. Crucially, little is known about when and why people respond in a prosocial or antisocial manner. With this project, we attempt to solve this puzzle by integrating insights from ostracism theory, person perception, functional accounts of emotions, and recent advances in physiological and behavioral measures. We will investigate whether people attribute being ostracized to failures of warmth or competence, whether they experience specific emotions (e.g., sadness and anger), and whether they display unique physiological signatures, using thermal imaging and pupillometry—with the goal to predict their subsequent behavior. As a result, the project will consist of running experimental studies, including self-report, physiological, and behavioral measures.

The project’s supervisors will consist of Prof. Dr. Ilja van Beest and Dr. Willem Sleegers. The candidate will work as a team with their supervisors, as well as with other people associated with the project. A more detailed project description is available upon request from Ilja van Beest ( This project is funded by the NWO Open Competition-SSH instrument.

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