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PhD Studentship: "Helping People to Become Strategic in their Goal Pursuits; Testing the Tripartite Model of Goal Strivings"

17.01.2020, by Tina Keil

Curtin University, Perth, Australia
Application deadline: February 22nd, 2020

Logo: Curtin University
Logo: Curtin University

Curtin University (Perth Australia) is offering a PhD studentship to a domestic or international student to work on the PhD project described below. The stipend rate is $28,092 per annum for a maximum of 3.5 years (indexed annually), pending compliance with milestone and candidacy requirements. There is an option for a top-up of $5,000 in the stipend, which could be available to suitably qualified applicants. For international applicants, a tuition fee waiver is available, provided they meet the university’s criteria for a studentship.

The successful student will register for a PhD in Psychology under the primary supervision of Prof. Nikos Ntoumanis (email:, who leads the PAW Research Group.

The PhD project will be embedded within a recently awarded Australian Research Council (ARC) grant awarded to Prof. Ntoumanis, Prof. Sedikides (University of Southampton, UK), Assoc Prof. Daniel Gucciardi and Prof. Cecilie-Thogersen-Ntoumani (Curtin University), and Assoc Prof. Ben Jackson (University of Western Australia).

The ARC-funded project will undertake a number of laboratory and field studies to test the tripartite model of goal strivings, proposed by Ntoumanis and Sedikides (2018). The laboratory studies will include a number of widely utilised experimental tasks in social psychology for manipulating goal difficulty. The field studies will be undertaken with reference to parenting/career management goals, as well as with financial goals. The PhD student will support the post-doc on the project to undertake data collection for some of these studies, and will include in his/her PhD thesis research questions that are off-shoots of the questions that will be pursued in the ARC project. There is also the possibility for conducting additional studies that will be broadly based on a similar research theme (e.g., reviews, experiments with different tasks and/or related research questions).

This is a tentative project outline; the input of the successful applicant will be sought in designing the series of studies to be included in the thesis.

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