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EASP – European Association of Social Psychology

ERSP welcoming submissions relevant to COVID-19 pandemic

30.03.2020, by Tina Keil in announcement

European Review of Social Psychology


The European Review of Social Psychology (ERSP) welcomes submissions relevant to the COVID-19 pandemic. In particular, we welcome a review paper (or meta-analysis) covering topics relevant to the social psychology of disease contagion and prevention, disease-relevant crowd behaviour, and so on.

Given that ERSP covers a review of past material, largely your own published work (see below for details), we are not expecting or looking for papers on COVID-19 itself (although a submission would be welcome to frame its relevance around the current pandemic).

Please keep in mind that ERSP is not an outlet for empirical work. If you have an idea and you'd like a quick side chat to check for potential relevance, feel free to send us an email. ERSP has an impact factor of 4.5, placing it #5 out of 63 in social psychology (according to the 2018 figures), just behind JPSP.

We welcome proposals for contributions to ERSP that meet the following criteria:

  • papers are review articles, not empirical articles (with the exception of meta-analyses, where the authors themselves must have published primary source empirical work on the topic)
  • authors are typically relatively well-established, with at least 4-5 publications on the topic
  • the article focuses on the author's own work (but other works are referred to where needed)
  • papers provide sufficient detail within the text, tables, and figures that readers can understand previously published papers based on the present text
  • the journal's core focus is social psychology, but papers drawing from other disciplines (e.g., individual differences; developmental psychology) are also invited, providing that the topic has strong links to social psychology, and pertains directly to interests within social psychology (e.g., prejudice, aggression, pro-social behaviour).

Proposals are mandatory and are reviewed by the editors (and typically by reviewers); if proposals are accepted, a full paper is then solicited. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the incoming Editors at the email addresses below. Please also see ERSP homepage for details, and ERSP submission portal to submit proposals.

Gordon Hodson, PhD, Editor-in-Chief, ERSP
Brock University, Canada,
Rhiannon Turner, PhD, Editor-in-Chief, ERSP
Queens University Belfast, UK,