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Additional RKTS grant application deadline

29.03.2021, by Tina Keil in announcement

EASP Research Knowledge Transfer Scheme
Additional deadline: May 15th

Photo by Andreas Lischka
Photo by Andreas Lischka

We are happy to announce that a new deadline was added for applications to RKTS (Research Knowledge Transfer Scheme) grants. Members are encouraged to submit their application until May 15th. The RKTS grants are up to 3500 Euro, and their purpose is to create networks of researchers intended to advance underrepresented regions, methodologies, and topics.

To give just a few examples, you are welcome to apply for a grant to create a network of researchers who focus on particular methods (e.g., qualitative research, experimental big data research), particular regions (e.g., social psychology in post-communist societies or in the Global South), or particular topics (e.g., the social psychology of environmental issues or of social representations).

The general idea behind the RKTS is to organize a workshop or a series of several online activities in which (a) researchers of this topic meet each other and learn about each other's work, (b) new tools/approaches etc. are presented by leading experts, (c) ideas for collaborations or agenda settings are discussed. The report of the LGBTQ group here can provide an example of the type of activity that can be organized.

Importantly, especially since we are still in the covid-19 era, you are completely free to decide what you want to do (that is, what is the best way to create a group of researchers who are interested in advancing a particular theme of research). For example, you may hire a company that runs online workshops/mini conferences or the assistance of an RA.

Inquiries can be directed to the EASP diversity officer: